Drift Pads ?

Dusty Tuesday, 11/22/2022

Does anyone know what is a low friction material that is pliable and can be used to create a drift pad that will push a car into a real tight 180, like a formula race through a city like paris with or with out magnets? Thank you in advance.

All the way :)


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SpyDude 11/22/22

People are using coroplast (corrugated plastic) for the low-friction material. 

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Chaos_Canyon 11/22/22

I use Palight, and that works well and can easily be painted. 

The bigger issue is that every car hits the pad differently, so some will drift most of the time then others will just want to run straight etc. It also depends on the approach speed, too fast or too slow and it changes the whole dynamic.

If you haven't seen it, check out Gravity Throttle Racing. He has custom built a new rally track and it has a drift turn in it. Some cars drift well and others don't. That was why TYOTOYS went to magnets I believe, so he could control it more regularly.

  • Has anyone have successful examples of magnets? — Dusty
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dr_dodge 11/23/22

the gravity track is looking good

I love the train, and the beautiful backdrop, too

I have scratch built HO stuff

a narrow gauge logging/mining could be cool popping in and out of tunnels,

and I have bent flex track to 3" radius,

two axle locos run just fine

also have a trolly made from a shortened cable car

one corner gets real close to 2" rad

anyway, very nice work GTR

Hi Dusty. For some reason I wasn't able to watch your Facebook link.

As Choas_Canyon shared, TYOTOYS on YouTube has done a lot of drifting research with and without magnets. His newer videos are with magnets and his older stuff (>5 years) is without magnets. The tight turn idea you have is doable, but it will be tricky. Entry speed is crucial. In a race you never really know for certain what the car's entry speed will be.  You just have to test and retest. I recommend studying TYOTOYS videos.

This build video I made recently might kickstart your dream.

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