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Hot Wheels Easter Eggs

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The Hot Wheels 55 Panel Van has what appears to be speakers in the very back, along with a couple other items I cannot identify (speaker amps?) closer to the cab. 

The Hot Wheels A-Team Van has third row seating - but of course. I pity the fool who didn't expect that.

The Hot Wheels 70's Van (yes, I like vans) has some cargo in back.

and finally, the mbx Vista Cruiser has - not just 2 dogs - but also some other cargo in the back. Looks like a cooler, a couple of duffel bags, and some other shtuff. 

My Dodge Viper. Does not say what it is on the bottom, or what year it is, but the sides do.

The latests green Volvo wagon has 2 dogs looking out the back window.

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1_64FVR 3/11/24

Mainline Volvo 240 drift wagon '24 

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Stickdog 4/15/24

My Surf 'n Turf has a Flying V electric guitar on the back seat.

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