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Hot Wheels Easter Eggs

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CptnZedx1a 3/17/22

It's been a while since I took one apart, but I believe Hot Wheels '34 Packard sedan has a violin case on the back seat.

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GT_Diecast 3/29/22

Matchbox travel tracker not much of an Easter egg but...

Inside the Custom Volkswagen Hauler is a Radio Controlled VW Bug on one table and dinner on the other table.  What are they having?  It looks like sausage and pie?

  • WHY did I not notice this, especially when it is literally sitting right in front of me?? — SpyDude

Matchbox VW Golf has three skatebords in the back.

Volvo 240 Drift has two Labadorks in back. Barrel behind dogs, hard to see in picture.

Right hand Drive too.

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TheMakersBox 3/15/23

This is kind of an anti-easter egg.  The 52 Chevy does not have an interior!  The front axle is held in place by the window and the rear axle by nubs in the bed.

Not really hidden but easy to miss, as I just noticed it last year even though this casting of the convertible Barracuda has been out since '97......the driver's seat is slid back a little further than the passenger's seat.

The '74 Charger came with solid black windows so you wouldn't see the lack of an interior.

  • I’m working on this casting. Found out that the window isn’t solid black. It’s tinted so dark that it appears solid. — Touko

The driver's seat of the Ford Falcon XB had a 5 point harness.

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