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Hot Wheels Easter Eggs

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Found a dog in the back seat of my project speedster 

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Spirit_Of_64 8/13/21

The Gruppo X24 Has what appears to be a dead rat riding shotgun:  

  • OMG, it does! I had to go look at one of the Gruppos I cut apart just to see this! — SpyDude

Is this the stethoscope in the porche 944??

  • Yes, that is the one. That was placed there by the Hot Wheels designer who had cancer, and was being treated by his doctor. They became great friends, and would often go on drives together. To thank the doctor for treating him during his bouts with cancer, the designer placed a stethescope on the real parcel tray of the Porsche. The Hot Wheels designer's name was Ryu Asada. — SpyDude

I have noticed that in the MIG RIG there is some welding gear and also a remote control car in the back of the JESTER.

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