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RoadRunnerRacewayFan Sunday, 11/29/2020

I was wondering what editing software any of you guys use? At the moment I am using a free download but would like to step it up. Any advice would help. Thanks 


I use filmora

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Chaos_Canyon 11/29/20

I use Premiere Pro as I have a creative cloud membership. If you run Mac, then iMovie is great. I believe that's what 3D still uses so there is nothing wrong with the quality

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redlinederby 11/29/20
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Check out the Video & Photography topics in the archive. Quite a bit covered about software and such in some of those posts.

I've kind of bumped around a bit. I used iMovie on the iPhone for the longest as it was convenient and made it so I didn't have to transfer a bunch of video files. Recently I've been used Adobe Premiere Rush which is about the same thing just on PC so it's easier to see and use a mouse.

Stay away from Corel Studio, it's far from user-friendly. And someone just recommended Resolve but I haven't used that yet.

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BlueLineRacing 11/29/20

3dBotmaker uses Final Cut Pro. I still use IMovie but may try something new next year. 

  • When did he switch? I thought I'd read somewhere he was still using iMovie? — Chaos_Canyon
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BlueLineRacing 11/30/20

Not sure, I asked him a few months ago and he said Final Cut Pro. 

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redlinederby 11/30/20
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Please continue this discussion over this thread about video apps. Thanks.

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