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I love the site. It is great and informative, and I hope to start building a track this weekend. I am up in the air on how to play a league out. I had read about the ELO Rating System on the site, and I was curious if anyone had a program for this.

A program? What type of program are you looking for?

If you're looking for a basic ELO calculator, I have one made and there are several out there if you Google it. I plan on keeping the ELO system in place as we go into the next racing season here at RDR. I've been really surprised at how well the system works...guess I shouldn't question math, huh?

Share some more thoughts in mind and I'm sure we'll all lend a hand

I appreciate the prompt answer. I guess is there an excel spreadsheet that will do all of this for you? I have seen some php files and sites that will calculate the score. I did find a spreadsheet, but it was in a foreign language. I like the idea of using this system, this way you do not have to race every car you have each time. It would also be good for setting up race cards much like they set up fight cards for boxers.

I'll see if I can't convert what I've done into a spreadsheet. I'm not a math guy...I just took a calculator I found and converted it into PHP for my needs with the site. Making a stand-alone HTML file that uses Javascript is possibly a good bet, but it's not going to retain a history like a spreadsheet would. You might be better off using a combination of the two...use the sheet to log the ratings and bust out the calc when you need it.

Good thoughts I want to see if an ELO sheet for making match-ups is viable. Should be...

I can vouch for the ELO match-up ability. It's done great at matching up cars for some really exciting races. The Fantasy League is programmed to automatically match-up cars based on ranking, so I don't even have to hand pick the match-ups.

is there a link as to how this system works and how one would use it on their own track?

The almighty Wikipedia has the most information, I'd say:

Applying it to just about anything is pretty easy. The system is for rating one-on-one situations, so as long as you only have two cars racing at any given time it's pretty simple to apply. I'm not sure how you would apply it to a 4-car race, but I'm sure it's possible.

A little Googling for ELO rating will spring up a lot of the sites I used when researching and building my implamentation for RDR.

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