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When: Friday, December 30, 2016

It has been far too long since the World Race was hosted in Connecticut a year ago. Cliffordshaw and I are excited to announce we will be hosting another Open Track racing event before the new year. This event is open to everyone and will be held REGARDLESS of the number of entrants we have.

 Open Track racing consists of three cars gaining initial speed in separate orange track lanes and then being let loose into open Sizzler track where passing and crashing can occur. 

If you haven't seen our track, check out this link to see how the track will be constructed.

We're excited to see everyone on the black track!

Video results will be posted to my channel

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight: 57 grams or less
  • Stock or Mods are allowed

How to enter

Each entrant is allowed two cars. Post a reply of your intention to participate.

Where to send your cars

Cooper Siebers

385 Cherry Brook Road

Canton CT, 06019

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

 All entries must be received by the host before 12/27/16

Try to get your entries in ASAP to avoid holiday mailing issues!



Woohoo! See ya on the track!

Home with the boys today... picked out a couple cars to build for this event...  I'll update this post later.

Productive morning

So of course I'm going to enter the old red JL Viper....

I might put in a two-time Banger Race-winner Hot Ones Sol-Aire for my second, though I'll have to check the weight on it to see if it's light enough:

According to the DCR (going by one of their videos), the Sol-Aire's apparently one gram overweight....
Thats ok FOTF, thats close enough!
All right! Thank you!
nice post

Im excited to see the interest already. This is gonna be a fun event. I looking to make the track a little more interesting and going to up the quality of the film presentation. 

My cars  mail today... Open Track madness

Traction Event, Your entries have arrived safe and sound here in CT!

Excellent! thanks

So how many entries per household?  My boy has a team and I do too...

We want everyone in on the action. Each individual can enter two entries. Excited to have you aboard!

This one looks great! Hoping to get an entry package with two cars out early next week. Thanks for hosting! Love the open tracks.

These guys will be going out on Monday.

Those look intimidating, Robbie. BTW, loved the Christmas Rip n Race event. Great turnout!

I hope to enter, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time (I just joined the site about 40ish seconds ago). I only live a little over 20 mile from where you're racing, too!

This will be my first try at Open Track. I'll try to build a car with the center of gravity of a pancake.

I'm excited to see all the interest. Since we have some new guys wanting to enter and we've had something come up here. I'll be postponing the event until the first week of January. This will end up being the first race of 2017 rather than the last of 2016. Hope that gives some more time for you guys!

get those cars in guys, great event...every corner a surprise

One final note, we will be racing on a BLACK sizzler track as opposed to ORANGE track so I recommend light color schemes. Black and dark cars can be sometimes hard to see on video but not a requirement, just a tip!

And just like to echo Traction Events comment above, this is gonna be an awesome event, especially if all of you enter. Mods are not required and dont even guarantee better success on the open track so if you run out of time during the holiday season just send some stocks in!

Ready to roll! Sponsored by Iron Horse Antiques. "Ordinance" and "Predecessor"

Good casting choices there...

These might do the trick but the gray one might lose its axles if the package gets crushed during shipping.

Can I still enter my cars if they'll be there before December 30?

yes of course! This is more of a once everyone is here, well get started event

Shippin tomorrow priority

Sorry time got away

Alright Guys, 

Things have settled down this week and I finally had the time to open our current entrants. This is who we have so far, plus Cliffordshaw and I will have our entrants ready for the race. That makes a field of 12. Anyone else waiting for cars to get here?


Traction Event

A Baja Breaker and the Honda

2 Cadillac V16s, one of them hasnt been sealed shut so Ill go ahead and do so before raceday unless you want it to race like that?

Yes...race day getting closer...
Did mine make it?
Yes, please seal the other Caddy.

Want to apologize for the delay here ... hoping to get mine and SDR's out Tuesday, sinceonday's a holiday (if that'll work, seeing that the event was switched to the first week in 2017 rather than the last of 2016--if not, just let me know).

I'd hoped to get cars in the mail for this but won't be able to. Hope you post footage of the race!

Well since the race date has changed it is kind of unofficial at this point and flexible, I dont think anyone would mind waiting just a tad longer if you guys can get them in the mail sometime in the next few days?


Ours should apparently be there today or tomorrow.
Did you get mine?

Yes GTAman yours have arrived. Alright FOTF well wait for yours and hopefully we can get this done on Saturday or Sunday, if yours don't make it well find a day next week once they come :D

Charged to FOTF

Fastest of the Fashionably Late....

Good news, FOTFs cars arrived today so well race this weekend! Stay tuned

FOTF I have three of your care here, you only can enter two, which two would you like

1. sol air

2. gt40

3. viper

Sorry I didn't specify--the Viper and Sol-Aire are mine, the Ford GT is my dad's (Sinisterdog's).

Open track racing is in the books, working on the video now!

Can't wait!
looking forward to a great show! Thanks for hosting and putting it all together.

Sorry for all the delays we've had you all are going to have to be patient for this video. I recently got myself my first mac, working on transferring files which is causing me difficulties. 

I had better luck plugging the I phone into the Mac... rather than waiting on them to transfer via cloud...etc


This event is tricky to organize and score. This is the way it works. 

Each heat consists of three cars. Each car is raced in each lane hence three races per heat.

Points are awarded based on finish.

1st- 3

2nd- 2

3rd- 1

DNF- 0

Hence DNFs can really hurt a cars chance at proceeding to the next round.

We had a 15 car field so 5 heats in the first round, followed by a grudge match of the 3 highest scoring non winning cars form all 5 rounds, followed by round 2, another grudge match of the two 2nd place cars from round 2 and then a finale. 

This will make more sense in he video. 

Sorry for the long delay. To redeem this, I hope to run and produce another video of a normal orange track drag. This is a fast bunch so it should be fun. 

Without further ado,

Hot Wheels and Star Wars... epic!
My white Cadillac V16 did amazing! It raced like in the game Burnout Revenge!
Great racing and video! Awesome job!
^ Great game, and great race, thanks for hosting.

Great track. Beautiful cars. Fun watch. Thanks for posting for us onlookers!

I was surprised how my V16s turned out. Even more surprised that it went into Mortal Kombat mode in the finale! Very action-packed race!

Thanks to Mcjiggles and Clifford Shaw for putting on this race. Great to see you both on track again!

 Congrats to TS on the win, sliced his way to the front. Nice work!

My cars did not fair so well, ... but if I read correctly... we may have a shot at redemption? 2nd race? straight up drag race?

Nice cars on the track, and the race was really fast! Things were kinda odd in the finale when the Split Decision's chassis pushed the Cadillac through the track, but this is like a three-in-one for Tracksurgeon Racing: first open track entry, first open track victory, and first mail-in victory.

nice post

So guys I ran the drag race today just as a little bonus. Video and results will be up tomorrow, then I'll shipping cars out next week. Looking to send in my entrants to T.E and CCRider along with their cars back!

Yes... a second chance. thanks Cooper!

I know T.E I know! Ive been more busy than I could have ever anticipated. I have not forgotten about the race video. It will be up I promise! 

CONGRATS, Tracksurgeon! And I can't say I was expecting to get killed THAT badly ... though I'm figuring on a pretty good beating in the drag race.

Good racing, everyone! Thank you, McJiggles and cliffordshaw, for each of your parts in hosting and videoing these races!

Just finished the editing and the video is uploading, will post the link once its ready!

Cooper, thank you ... for hosting and the second chance race... it is a full platter of work

Here it is folks, this one was ran with 4 heats of 4 for the first round. (one of those is a heat of 3 actually since we had a field of 15 cars). We raced twice in the first round, 

1st = 4 points

2nd= 3 points

3rd= 2 points

4th= 1 point

DNF= 0 points

For the final round we raced each car in each lane so 4 races for the finale

man tough field... I'll take my finishing position happily

Haha, looks like you got my Split Decision put back together for me.  

This was me the whole time I was watching it.

Thanks for the extra race!  Awesome job!

I loved the Star Wars clip, I didn't seal it back together but it snapped back into place enough to win the drag race :D

Looks like a lot of fun....going to have to get in on this action soon!! Shout out to all who provide these avenues for us diecast lovers to actually race. Keep up the good work!!

Yeah, theres a lot of racing action taking place here you gotta get in on it. Welcome

Mailing out the cars of GTAman, FOTF and Tracksurgeon,

Ill mail T.Es and CCRiders when Im ready to send in my entrants to their events. Is that ok?

Mailing out the cars of GTAman, FOTF and Tracksurgeon,

Ill mail T.Es and CCRiders when Im ready to send in my entrants to their events. Is that ok?

Yup, good with that
No problem, sounds good.
They arrived! Thank you for a good packing job and a great event!
And they arrived in a reasonable time (I'm not trying to say they just showed up, I just didn't get around to mentioning it before).

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