Ending the season early, Memorial Day

redlinederby Tuesday, 5/11/2010
Site manager

I know we just reached the half-way point of the determined season, but would there be any objections to ending this first season early at the end of May? Memorial Day weekend could be the last race and be on a longer track, hopefully 25-foot.

With v2.0 cooking around in my brain, I'm anxious to start working on it so I can release it during the summer instead of waiting until almost Fall.

So there would be 3 more races including the last one. Thoughts?


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redlinederby 5/12/10
Site manager

Actually, I'm making an executive decision to end this first season on Memorial Day Weekend.

More details soon. It will be on a long track.

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JDC442 5/12/10

No objections here.

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