"Epoxy" tires on Real Riders?

Rainsford Saturday, 3/20/2021

So, I saw something a few weeks ago, I can't remember where, about putting epoxy tires on Real-Rider style wheels, in order to make them run like a plastic wheel? Is that a thing anyone else has seen? If so, can you kindly direct me to where? And if you've done it, what's the process?

Asking because such a technique combined with 3D printing could give me the spoked old-time wheels I'm really wanting for some of my steampunk builds. And it would make some nice racing wheels out of Real Riders, too.


You can paint them with polyurethane to make them more like plastic wheels.  It encases them in a hard covering, and fills in any tread gaps.  War on I4 is hosting JADA brand races in which you have to use the ruibber tired the cars came with, and that's the treatment they recommend.  Luthrell made a video about it that explains how.


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