Establishing a drag track standard

1six4D Friday, 8/18/2023

Hey racers,  

Just wondering why there hasn't been a standard set for straight track drag racing.  It would be really nice to build a track based on what everyone else is racing on so results could remain somewhat consistant from one track to another.  I understand everyone has different amount of space to set up a track but I'm talking about establishing a standard for group racing.  It would be nice to have an 'x' height for the drop over a set amount of length for the slope running out a total of 20.6 feet of track,  which would be the 1:64 equivalent to a 1/4 mile in real drag racing.  What are thoughts on this?


You pretty much said it yourself. Everyone has a different amount of space available some of it even restricting how high or low their hill is and what kind of angle they could drop at. Most drag tracks are built for personal use and testing and not used for mail in racing anyway. 
I think it would be pretty difficult to restrict anyone to a certain size and if we were all doing the same thing it would get pretty boring. It's fun to race on different tracks with different specs as far as I'm concerned. 

  • I have thought a slow short drag may be fun, and maybe establish a "standard mini" for testing, like 2' long total, crap cars would stall (blow an engine)...just brainstormin' — dr_dodge
  • Just thinking along the lines of real drag racing where 1/4 mile is 1/4 mile everywhere. It just would be nice to have a 9 second car equivalent in 1:64. I'm also referring to have a standard for organized races, this would challenge racers to make their cars as fast as possible. — 1six4D

Ok, thought you were asking why that wasn't possible but I see now that's not the answer you're looking for.

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Crazy_Canuck 8/19/23

The short answer...there are a handful of builders who know how to build really fast cars regardless of the casting/track...they are consistently at the top of the drag racing scene and it doesn't matter who's hosting. 
if you're asking about why there isn't a circuit of tracks that are the exact same specs, then BlueLines already answered...there has been a number of series that travel to various tracks...each one a little different...but usually with predictable results...if a car is built fast it doesn't matter the track...
I think track owners have done a pretty good job of establishing specs and standards as it is. All you have to do is read the tech descriptions in regards to the race signups. Not all 1/4miles are EXACTLY alike...

This also sounds like an opportunity...maybe if you build it, they will come...

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