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Jabo66 Friday, 10/4/2019

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What is your favorite type of wheels, other than Faster Than Ever wheels?

Why are they your favorite, is it the look of the wheel or do you think that wheel is faster than the others? (other than Faster Than Ever Wheels)

I like the look the OH5 wheels, they seam to be consistently fast and widly available.

A few of the most common wheels


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WorpeX 10/4/19

I really like Ultra Hots. Just think they look cool. As a bonus, they're from an era of metal cars so usually they're quick too.

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redlinederby 10/4/19
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Good topic. I've always been interested to the know the manufactured differences in the wheels. If you take the same-sized wheel and look at it across the past 30 years, how have been then made differently...?

Different plastic? Less plastic? Heavier? Lighter? And so on...and how does that impact speed on any measureable scale?

I mean, FTE is an axle feature, not a wheel feature. I can put FTE wheels on standard axles and the performance should be near an non-FTE car, at least in theory. And vice versa.

All that being said, I personally dig the MC5 and OH5 wheels. I think they look cool on just about any casting. Nostalgicly, the UH and BW wheels always spark joy. The BWs particularly seem to make any car feel old and retro. And likewise the UH wheels still look like the future despite being decades old.

I am not a fan of most of the more recent wheels. The later FTE, TRAP5, RA6, 3SP and the Bling wheels I remove or just avoid. They are what they are, and just not my bag.

I will say the new Disc style that is out and came on the 50th cars, I don't mind at all. A nice middle between something new while still feeling a little vintage.

And FWIW, here's a full list of wheel types over at Hot Wheels Wiki

  • I disagree. The FTE2's are noticably slower. They still have the same axels, but the big difference is the wheel type. If you feel the outside of the wheel there are a lot of bumps that can cause friction on the walls of the track or get caught in seems. FTE1s are smooth on the outside. — WorpeX
  • Fair, I suppose. But that doesn't mean the wheel is any slower when put on an FTE axle. Just that the form factor might have more impact on certain tracks. Ultimate point being that how a wheel looks has no impact on the speed. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 10/4/19
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On the topic of speed...I have no idea and have no feelings (or data) to suggest any one wheel style lends to better speed or not.

I've seen some theories thrown around regarding the weight of wheels having an impact, and I'm sure it does on a science level, but haven't done any testing myself. I'd imagine later-era wheels weight less as I assume they make all the parts use as little material as possible to save on production.

  • I read somewhere that the 2005-2006 FTE wheels not only had nickel-plated axels, that the wheels were lighter than other wheels allowing they to roll faster. But, I don't know if that is true... — Jabo66
  • That is true — LeagueofSpeed
  • I think wheel performance is affected by mold quality. Egg-shapped axle orifices are our biggest enemy. — GspeedR
  • And I'll go on record as to say *any* oddly shaped orifice is the enemy. — redlinederby

Gold Medal Speed gold lace wheels 

...and FTE wheels are OH5 wheels...just the bronze color 

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GspeedR 10/4/19

I've developed an appreciation for the 10 spoke wheel(10SP) over the years. They seem to have good  consistency in mold quality and are very easy to add dry lubes to. Plus, there are plenty of quick, middleweight(metal/plastic) stockers w/10SPs.

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JaSKaT_racing 10/11/19

By the time I was old enough to play with these cars , The red lines had begun being phased out in favor of the black wall with the red stripe and then just plain blackwall. I have to show them the most love just because they are from my youth and are a part of me. As for the later years. I have come to have a favorite in the 5 spoke. It always looked to me like a throwback to the blackwall era with just a little tweeking on the design. There are a few others that I have come to love as well.  The 5 spoke being first. Next are the following , 7 spoke , 10 spoke , Lace wheels , mc5 , open holes and the co molds are awesome looking. The rest are ....MEH !!!!!!  LOL I forgot about the Saw blades!!!!!  They are pretty fast and awesome looking as well. I agree with the statement about the disc style wheels tho. They actually remind of actual wheels that appeared on the late 80's Corvettes. Hopefully a sign of things to come from Mattel. Would love to see plastic versions of the the real riders wheels included on the models. Anyway... That's my two-cents !!

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DirtyDeeb 10/15/19

My faves are the 3SP. I love the look on almost any car. Especially the old muscle cars of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s.

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EconoCarl 10/22/19

HSW - High Speed Wheels

Not the prettiest wheel out there but the sure were fast back when I was racing them.

  • Carl! How's the real life racing going? — redlinederby
  • BTW, I second, those high speed wheels are very smooth bv — redlinederby
  • Having a blast with the Falcon. I'll bet those HSW wheels are hard to find now. — EconoCarl
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Traction-Event 10/23/19

  • Thanks! I saw a teaser on Facebook and thought I'd come take a look. — EconoCarl
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SavageSpeeder 10/28/19

The x-raycers wheels are also quick

  • I 2nd this. All the hardcore racers are using this now haha. Racers are slowly starting to pick this up. Racers in this day and age — D_Built_Garage
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Mattman213 12/20/19

Fast or slow, anything in a Lace Wheel, especially Gold Lace gets me.  I used to HATE Ultra Hots when I was a kid with a passion, these days, I love seeing them as they came out when I was a kid and was big into Hot Wheels.  I buy em just for the retro feel.  Gold Hot Ones are similar.  I used to think they looked a little off when I was younger as the typical Black Wall was typical but now I love those probably 2nd to the Gold Lace.  Newer wheels I really like the look of the 10spks and Aerodiscs but the Open 5 spokes seem to be spin super sweet from what Ive seen lately.


  • Ultra style wheels were always cool to me. I loved that Blade Runner look when I was little. Felt it would let me cars fly. — redlinederby
  • It makes me laugh how much I HATED them when I was a kid, to the point that any cars i had with them on it i would kinda be bummed about and now whenever i see them I'm like Woah sweet! — Mattman213

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