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redlinederby Friday, 5/28/2010
Site manager

The phpBB forum that we're using has an RSS feed option, but it didn't exactly work. So I decided to make my own...

I'll be adding an icon and stuff to the front page, but here is the link to the feed for latest active forum topics


You can put that into iGoogle or whatever feed reader you use and you'll get the topics currently being talked about here in the forums.


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Bandeezee 5/28/10

Very cool, I'm trying to get the 1stopdiecast website to do that so I can see when they get the 21 window VW Drag Bus in stock. I may have to buy a case of garage cars to get it. I asked them about it, but they said to just keep checking their blog to see when it's available and how. If it's only available in the 30 car garage set, I may have to pass. That's going to be like $100 or more and that's way too much for me to spend on cars I can't even open

Anyhow, sorry to go off on a tangent. Thanks again for the rss feed

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redlinederby 6/3/10
Site manager

Well, it seems like my custom feed is having some issues and not updating. I'll investigate soon. Just so those of you that subscribed are aware.

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redlinederby 7/24/10
Site manager

Had a minute to look at the forum feed and I think it's working as it should now. Feel free to add it to your readers and let me know if you see it not updating.


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David 7/30/10

Sweet. It's seems to be working on my iGoogle home page.

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