Ferrari Testarossa

Bandeezee Saturday, 5/1/2010

I was wondering which car is faster, the Testarossa with the gold lace wheels like Variation Jason donated or the same exact car with the gold Ultra Hot wheels? I've seen them with both, so I was just curious if one set of wheels was faster than the other. If anyone knows, please drop me a PM or just reply to this post, thanks.


Lace wheels, UH and 3sp all race the same. There isn't much of a difference between the 3 variations.


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Bandeezee 5/2/10

Thanks, that information will give me a more variety to choose from on eBay I may hold off though, my family doesn't seem to be racing as often and I have quite a few unopened cars stock piled for the race coming up this weekend. I'll see how many new cars I have left after this race, then maybe I'll get the Testarossa. Thanks for the info.

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JDC442 5/4/10

I recently held a 250 car race. Of the Hot Wheels I raced, the cars with Ultra Hot and Hot Ones wheels were a bit faster than similar cars with other wheels.

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