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Final Fantasy Fracas

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Fractal_Panda 10/24/21

That's the fleet assembled, going to stop at 6 - I'll wait until Spring, then redo the graphite and send them out! Since I don't know the new track, there's a range of wheelbase lengths and weight (32g to 135g). None of them are particularly fast, but I had too much fun building them to mind about that :-)

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pupulesurfer 10/26/21

Well I'm in for a couple!

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KCLH_Racing 10/27/21

KCLH Racing is in, and I think all 8 of us drivers will be competing again.  This is going to be a blast.

I'll get in touch with you as well via Facebook messenger this weekend.

Working on my hot tub bus. Lol. Now if I could just come up with a good name for it...

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TexTenn_Racing 12/28/21

Here's an update on the "Tub Bus". Still looking for a name...

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RottenRonnie 12/28/21

Rotten Ronnie will be sending an entry.

Fun! LYDC is in!

Hey, just looking ahead at the racing calendar....pushing the start of this one to August in the hopes I'll be able to wrap up the House Cup & Death Race before then!

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Bolo_Brown 1/20/22

I am in this one 

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Flip81 3/22/22

Flips Racing is in.

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Bongo 3/22/22

WHAT?? YES!! Bongo Motorsports will send ... something

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CptnZedx1a 3/22/22

I may live to regret this decision, but I too would like to submit an entry.

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