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Final Fantasy Fracas

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I'll be happy to build one for this!

First entry built! "Hammerhead"

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Crazy_Canuck 9/10/21

Gotta get the axels lined up...

Anything goes?

I seem to be assembling a fleet for this!

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Lily_the_Dog 9/22/21

IDR kicking ass! Love all the race announcements Jim!

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AJ_Grey 9/23/21

I'd like to give this a try.

Ok this might be a crazy question but... What about those made for track semi trucks hot wheels makes. Like this one?

Would that be allowed?

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KCLH_Racing 9/24/21

Now this looks like fun.

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MrDarq 9/26/21

I'm so in this. Will have multiple builds ready by June. Lol

Count me in !

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