first mod for mini race, New to club

Racetc Saturday, 4/9/2016

Hey everyone I'm new to the forums. I collected hot wheels from 1997-2002. I lost interest in them, as i grew up. I have been recently looking for a new hobby and i think this is the one. This is my first mod i'm working on.

Good year slicks added to the front and adding weight inside the cab. The axles were shorter on the good year then the stocks.


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fordman 4/9/16

welcome TC, 

  are those '64 studebaker tires on the front of your otto ?

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redlinederby 4/9/16
Site manager

Welcome to Redline Derby, glad you found us and can pull you back into the hobby :)

Good lookin' roadster too, love the Goodyear tires. Can't wait to see how she rolls.

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Racetc 4/9/16

They are actually tire from a NASCAR that I had in my set from a kid I have an extra pair and then 2 pairs of unmarked. Thanks, I'm just going to get it setup for the race I'm hoping she rolls well weighting in at 58.8g on my scale.

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Racetc 4/9/16

This is my '83 buggy. I swapped out the original wheels for some off roading tires. This is just a mod project I'm going to paint and attempt to detail paint the motor.

Original wheels:

New wheels:

  • Very cool. BTW, Imgur should give you a direct link to your image, then they can show up in the thread — redlinederby
  • Welcome! I just took that same car apart for this race! — Steele_Mill_Racing

Welcome! This site is a great forum with lots of information available. Don't be afraid to ask'll learn a lot about getting speed out of these little cars :)

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Racetc 4/9/16

Thanks '72 Chevy. I'm going to take a shot in the dark. I would love to get some tips as far as weight placement in the car for optimal speed. I also need to invest in a track very soon. So I can do test runs.

  • Best place I've found for weigh is low in the car (on the chassis) and just in front of the rear wheels — 72_Chevy_C10
  • another tip for pix is to paint everything inside the car flat black... — fordman
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redlinederby 4/10/16
Site manager

Here are some various posts around regarding the science and physics of things

If you Google "pinewood derby physics" you'll get lots of information about gravity racing. A lot of it is applicable to diecast downhill racing too. Gravity is is science, we just race in a much smaller world.

Ideally, according to science, weight should go as far back as possible and as high as possible, letting gravity do its thing for longer. But lower weight helps even things out...but also depends on the track style too and how long the hill is, etc. 

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