Flying Colors Holiday Race

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017
72_Chevy_C10 Saturday, 11/4/2017
Event coordinator

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Hot Wheels Flying Colors cars were some of my favorite cars when I was a kid...they were produced from 1974-1978 and you can find a list of them here

These were some of the first cars that featured tampo-style printing on them

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight Two classes - 57 gram and 75 gram
  • Size restrictions; must fit on a drag longer than 3"
  • Cars per entrant/household - Maximum of 2 cars per class (so 4 total)
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements - car /trucks to be Hot Wheels, 1978 and older. They don't have to be Flying Colors cars...but, it would be cool if they were :)
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; FTE wheels bearings or wheel inserts...must use hot wheels-style axles (no custom axles)...axle tubes are allowed 
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements, I will run a couple different races during the week between Christmas and New should have one light (57 gram) and one heavy (75 gram car)...points will be kept per team


TBD. I'll find something around here to send to the winner

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? Please include return shipping

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ 07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

TBD. All entries must be received by the host before 12/23/2017

Scoring and Winning

Describe how someone wins the tournament. Cars will receive 1 point per win and an extra point for getting into the finals.


Outline the penalties if a car fails to meet the requirements - the Traction Event rule stands...if your car is 3 grams or more over, it will get painted pink, raced, but not counted

Tracks & Dates

Right here in Sussex, NJ

Series tracks
  • 12/23 - 12/31, 2017 NJ-72_Chevy_ C10

Winners and Results

Pics and videos will be posted in this space


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Dadvball 11/4/17

I'm in.  Haven't had much time between house renovations and moving my father in law in but it's far enough away I have some time. Thanks to the link I see I have several choices in my collection which I didn't know were Flying Colors. 

You may want to correct your spelling on "tampos". I think the auto-correct got ya. 

  • Ha! Thanks Bill! I made the correction :) — 72_Chevy_C10
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LeagueofSpeed 11/4/17
Event coordinator

I'm in for sure.

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LeagueofSpeed 11/6/17
Event coordinator

1969 Redline casting...Classic 57 T-Bird with CS axels and wheels off  (2) 67 CS Camaro...the front axels

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LeagueofSpeed 11/6/17
Event coordinator

  • ...on the way to the Chop's FTE package awaits — LeagueofSpeed
  • Awesome Flying Colors Corvette! — 72_Chevy_C10
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LeagueofSpeed 11/7/17
Event coordinator

Got an offer in on FC 57 Chevy and watching a FC Super Van.

  • My Flying Colors '57 was probably my favorite car as a kid:) — 72_Chevy_C10

Just put in a bid for a Flying Colors Spoiler Sport.

  • Hey Andy! I look forward to seeing how you paint it up! — 72_Chevy_C10
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LeagueofSpeed 11/10/17
Event coordinator

Scored the 57 Chevy...that and the T-Bird will be my 57 team...year model 57 and 57g weight class.

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LeagueofSpeed 11/10/17
Event coordinator

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LeagueofSpeed 11/10/17
Event coordinator

  • under belly of the Beast....hopefully — LeagueofSpeed
  • I've built several of those...they are a great platform — 72_Chevy_C10

I see now that you're supposed to enter 2 (or 4).  I've secured one, but need another.  Are there rules as to what is acceptable to add to a car's frame (assuming it is not overweight)?  Specifically, if I bought a Backwoods Bomber and replaced the lost camper that goes over the bed with something I pieced together, would that be on the up and up?

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LeagueofSpeed 11/12/17
Event coordinator

Headed to League of Speed R and D....looking forward to the tear down.

  • I'm set...57 T-Bird and Chevy...FC Corvette and the Super Van — LeagueofSpeed
  • The Super Vans are fun...Flying bricks! — 72_Chevy_C10

I've got a Jet Threat for the 57g class and I'm still thinking about my 75g class. Could the Jet Threat be entered in both classes if I don't enter in a 75g?

  • Is that the one that took the Redline Revival 2 at GTAMans track? — LeagueofSpeed
  • Are Jet Threats under 3" overall length? I could run it in both, if you don't come up with a 75 gram car — 72_Chevy_C10
  • It's 3.125 inches long to be exact. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • The maximum length is 3"...I'm limiting the length to keep the racing close — 72_Chevy_C10
  • I might sand down the exhaust tips to keep the car flush and under 3 inches. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon

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