Changes in the Ford Transit Connect casting

Kevblokey Wednesday, 8/19/2020

Just bought the latest version of the Ford Transit Connect and I see that quite a major modification has taken place, whereas originally the body was all diecast (barring the back doors) with a plastic chassis (and quick it was too) the new casting has now got the bottom of the bodyside upto and including the wheel arches also in plastic, no doubt as a cost saver. I need to do a comparison to see how this affects it's performance.


(Original casting)

(Revised casting)


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redlinederby 8/19/20
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That's a bummer but I expect to see more of that across the board. Minimizing costs, y'all.

I wonder what the minimum amount of metal is required to qualify as "diecast". Some of them just seem like 80% plastic. 

And just for the What If discussion...if Mattel said they're going to stop making metal bodies and just make the chassis metal, how much would you care? And vice versa?

  • I have already found a few that are plastic body/metal base. The hot trucks 5 pack 2020 for example. Dawgzilla.. plastic body/plastic base, Off Track... plastic body/metal base. — CrazyEights
  • plastic body/metal base could make some fine fat track cars. I'm saving Off Track for your new crash racers track. track. — CrazyEights

I wouldn't care bc u can still make it faster.

As the owner of a real Transit Connect, I still prefer the Matchbox casting, as it actually looks like my van.  Neither of these are quite right.

  • It has to be sad the HW version was based on a customised version for Hot Wheels at, I think, a SEMA show a few years back, you’re right, the MBX version is much more accurate. One other midtown the HW version is the rear roof spoiler which looks better than whatever those pipe looking things were on the rear of the original casting — Kevblokey
  • Modification, not midtown #typo — Kevblokey
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