Formula Zero (S1) - F$ Feeder Sereis (Open Spots)

Monday, July 1st, 2024
Hosted by Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone
MarcusFiregone Tuesday, 8/8/2023

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Formula $pecial (F$) & the Formula Diecast Racing League (FDRL) bring you Forumla Zero, a feeder race series for qualifying into the prestigious Formula $pecial.  The top Team will qualify for the 11th Team entry into the Formula $pecial Season 3.  If other F$ Teams resign, additional Formula Zero Teams will be promoted to F$.

Be one of 12 racing teams to compete in this multi-track race series with the Triumph TR6 for a chance to be promoted to the Formula $pecial.  Cars to be run in GRID-6 turnament formation for 5 laps.  Points are awarded on the final lap just like the Formula $pecial.

"The Triumph TR6 was a British 2-seater Roadster unveiled in 1968 by Triumph, one of the first UK cars of the British Leyland era, a time marked by strikes, shoddy workmanship and terribly unreliable cars." ... which makes this car perfect for racing!

Each Season, the bottom 4 performing Teams may be eliminated if new Teams/Drivers are waiting on the Standby List to entre the next season of Formula Zero.

This event is not open to existing Formula $pecial Teams/Drivers (they already have a seat in the F$).

Rules & restrictions

  • Single Casting:  Hot Wheels Triumph TR6 (as pictured)
  • Casting must remain intact: no visible weights, original casting design
  • No "little guy in the car" required
  • 1 Entry per Person (Team/Driver/Car)
  • No restrictions on Wheels, Axles or Weights (Black/Gray Wheels, i.e.: NOT clear or orange)
  • Car numbers required (Must be unique within this series & the Formula $pecial)
  • Dry lube only
  • 40g Weight Limit (base weight is aprox. 35g)
  • Original paint is welcome (although you may need to remove numbers and add our own numbers). Painting and adding decals is also welcome. Cars can be stock weight if you so choose (it is not easy to load these castings with weight).

Dates & deadlines

START SENDING THEM IN ... Race will be run Summer 2024.  I will need the cars by the end of June.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address for entry.  It is best if you contact the tournament host, Marcus Firegone, on the Facebook Group:

No entry fee, but your entry must be approved by the host.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


We are going to run them on Snow Valley East, don't know if there will be any other runs yet or not.

  • Snow Valley East (Hosted by: Marcus Firegone)
  • Plus ...

Race format and scoring

Qualifying & Races are posted on YouTube.  Check my YouTube Channel and the host track YouTube Channels for all Qualifying/Race Results and Content.  I will have a Playlist for the event as well.

New race format is based on the updated Formula $pecial Season 3 rules.

Grid Formation Tournament Rules:

We will be using our own Grid Formation Tournament rules.  This has been updated to GRID-6 Formation with Breakaway.  There will be a Grid of 12 cars.  For GRID-6, the Grid will be split into 2 Groups of 6 car each (P1 - P6, P7 -12).  These are referred to as Group 1 (Lead Pack) and Group 2.  There is a total of 5 Laps.  Each Group goes down the track once for the 1st Lap.


If any cars goes off track and lands on its wheels, it is moved to a new Group, Group 3.  If more than 6 cars in Group 3, this is extended into a Group 4.

If a single car stops on the track, it is moved to the side and treated as if it went off track and landed on its wheels.

If a car stops on track or goes off track and lands on its wheels from either Group 3 or Group 4 it is removed from the race and considered retired from the race.

If a car crashes, landing on its roof or side, it is removed from the race.

If a car crashes on track (even just over-haning the track) or multiple cars come to a stop together on the track, a Red Flag is called.  This stops the race immediately, no more Groups, if there are any, go down the track.  That is the end of the current lap.


The concept of the breakaway is this, cars DO NOT move up Groups unless there is a Red Flag event.  So, if the lead group, Group 1, losses 5 cars due to going off track, the remaining car will continue to be the only car in Group 1 until such time as a Red Flag event occurs (see DNFs & Red Flag for more details).

Red Flag:

If a car crashes on track (even just overhanging the track) or multiple cars come to a stop together on the track, a Red Flag is called. This stops the race immediately, no more Groups, if there are any, go down the track. That is the end of the current Lap.

The Group or Groups that completed their Lap are put into their new positions based on how they finished and any Groups that did not get to run the lap remain in their original positions.

During the Red Flag, cars queue up behind the pace car and gaps are filled.  Thus, Group 2 cars move up to Group 1 if there are spots available, Group 3 cars move up to Group 1 or 2 if there are spots available, and so on until we have a condenced field of 2 or less Groups.  The next Lap is run in this new order.

If the final Lap, Lap 5, has a Red Flag event, cars are regrouped as above and run for a 6th and final Lap.  In the unlikely event that Lap 6 results in a Red Flaged as well, there is one more restart for a Lap 7 and if that is Red Flaged the entire race event ended, and cars are marked down as finishing in their current positions.

Points Awarded:

Teams/Drivers are only awarded points at the end of the last Lap.  Same as F1, 25 points for 1st, 18 points for 2nd, 15 points for 3rd, 12 points for 4th, 10 points for 5th, 8 points for 6th, 6 points for 7th, 4 points for 8th, 2 points for 9th, and 1 point for 10th.  No points for 11th to 18th.  There is a bonus 2 points for getting Pole Position at the start of the race and 1 point for fastest Lap during the race (as long as you also finish in the top 10).  Note that Drivers/Cars must cross the finish line on the last lap in order to receive points for the race event.  A DNF on the final lap does not count as finishing the race.

Qualifying & Race:

Each race venue will have a Qualifying Session to determine starting positions for the race.  Each Driver will get two qualifying runs.  All 12 cars will qualify for the race.  The race will consist of 4 laps with the GRID-6 race format.

Video Editing

All Groups for each Lap, for all Laps are to be videoed.  For video editing, only show the lead group, Group 1, for each Lap going down the track.  Also show all Groups crossing the start/finish line for the completion of the Lap.  This will make the race flow much quicker and be less confusing for the viewer.  The concept is that all 12 cars are coming down the track together even though they are not.

If the lead group, Group 1, only has one car in it, you can choose to keep following it each lap or shift your video focus to Group 2, letting people know that the other car is out front in the lead.

If a Red Flag event occurs, the race is paused.  During that break, while track clean-up is taking place, show a replay of the Group or Groups that caused the Red Flag.  It is a replay even if you have not shown that particular video yet.

At the end of the race, any number of Laps and Groups can be shown as replays, to highlight passes, cars going off track, or to follow a particular car that moved up the ranks during the event.  This coverage is dependent on the Track Host.


If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car may be subject to disqualification. We will work with the Team/Driver to resolve any such problems.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken or that break during racing will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins/continues. Teams/Drivers may replace a car during the season by notifying the tournament host and sending in a replacement car.


Prize to be determined. The Tournament Host and Track Venue Hosts are allowed to participate.

Team/Driver List

Standby List:

We still have some openings, open to new Teams/Drivers.  Note: existing Formula $pecial Teams/Drivers may not participate in the Formula Zero.  Formula Zero is a feeder series to find new Teams to enter the Formula $pecial.

Marcus Firegone, Canadian Driving Club President & Founder of the Snow Valley Racers (Left), FDRL Chairman (Middle), and F$ CEO & President (Right) meet, on August 8th 2023, to announce this new diecast racing series, Formula Zero.


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G_ForceRacing 12/15/23

Any due date available yet Marcus? I My car is in progress but I don't want to be late sending it!

Thank you for all you do!!

Gettin' her ready to race!!

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BD_Racing 5/10/24

I would like in.

  • That is great. Are you able to send in a car by end of June? I'm assuming that you are interested in qualifying for the Formula $pecial in 2025? — MarcusFiregone
  • If you are going to participate, please provide a Team Name (BD Racing?), Driver Name, and unique car number. Thanks — MarcusFiregone
  • Yes, I can send car in by the end of June, hopefully sooner. — BD_Racing
  • My team name is BD Racing, Driver Bill, car number 54 — BD_Racing
  • Sounds good — MarcusFiregone
  • Your car arrived! — MarcusFiregone
  • Sounds good — BD_Racing

Are you still looking for additional drivers? If so I can make the June timeline work. 

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AbbyNormal 5/13/24

I enjoy watching F1 - put me in if you have any openings. I've been meaning to pick up a TR6 sine I was 20yrs old.

  • Driver Name, Team Name, Unique Car Number? — MarcusFiregone
  • Driver-AbbyNormal, Team-Abnormal Speed Racing, Number-20 — AbbyNormal
  • Got it, perfect ... looking forward to seeing your entry. — MarcusFiregone
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Spirit_Of_64 5/13/24

Nearly ready to take the trip to the great white north!  Maple A. Brodie will be taking over for a departing Bernadette Nitro, and we wish them both all the best!

Geez, Maple, we do have haulers you know!  You don't need to drive the thing all the way up there!

Would Love to slide in if still a Spot? Have a T-6 sitting. # 63

Koot's is the Driver please.

Getting ready to make the trip north!

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AbbyNormal 6/18/24

Mailing this in either today-tomorrow

Heading to the Great White North!

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