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*FULL* Chase Family Racing presents the "Mustang Jack" tournament

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I'd like a spot.. if ya got

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!

I would love a spot.

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Driepe51 3/2/23

I'm in for 2! Looking forward to it

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GrumpyCloud 3/2/23

I'd like a spot if there is room.  Cheers.

The race is now full. Thank you everybody 

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Numbskull 3/2/23

I might consider adding a few alternates, you will inevitably get a few no-shows.  Just thinking out-loud with beer.  Cheers.

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SpyDude 3/3/23

Jesus, that filled up fast. I was still looking to see if I had a JackHammer.

Good name for the race, btw.

  • Thanks! If someone bails out I’ll let you know. — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • It's okay, I can't find my JackHammer. You know how it is: put something away, then need it a week later and can't find it ... — SpyDude
  • story of my — dr_dodge
  • Some one just backed out. Do you want to enter? — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • I would like to, but I currently cannot - I have too many things on my plate (and workbench!) at the moment. Thank you for asking, though - I'll catch the next go-'round at your track. — SpyDude
  • Ok — ChaseFamilyRacing
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Driepe51 3/3/23

So just to be clear here, each person is supposed to build a mustang and a jack hammer. But not two mustangs? Bc I dont have a jack hammer... 

  • Yes, each racer enters a Mustang and a Jackhammer. Otherwise the numbers would be screwy — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • Dang man looks like I’m gonna have to pull my entries then as I don’t have a jack hammer in my collection. Hopefully one of the late guys can take my spot. I’ll race your track another time! — Driepe51
  • Ok. Thank you for not waiting til last minute. Much appreciated — ChaseFamilyRacing

Danggg...we were too late

Would love a shot at this ! 

  • I have one spot open, you can have it if you want it — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • I'll take it.. Do you have to send one of each car? Or can you just send two mustangs? or just one car all together . I am not sure if I have a other car that you spoke about . — RoadrageRacing
  • I have both cars ! I just checked.. So the question is then do you have to send one of each or can you send two of the same vehicle. Thanks count me in. — RoadrageRacing
  • Racers will send in one of each casting — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • So am I in ? — RoadrageRacing
  • Yes indeed — ChaseFamilyRacing
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KandORacing 3/21/23

 Would you please put K&O down as an alternate? Might have to to give this a try. So much for being retired, I keep getting tempted to race here and there 

  • Absolutely! I would love to have you race on our track. I will let you know ASAP if a spot opens up — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • Thanks! — KandORacing

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