Funny Car Hinges

BadWoolRacing Sunday, 1/8/2023

I did a search first and either an article doesn't already exist or I suck at searching but here goes - what is the best way to decouple a funny car body from the chassis, when it pivots on the hinges shown here?


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NDeavers80 1/8/23

Small flat blade screwdriver and force

  • Just not TOO much force - those clips can break. — SpyDude
  • So just wiggle a flathead back and forth, slowly working the gap open? I do want the hinge to still work after reassembly. — BadWoolRacing
  • Yes and good luck — NDeavers80
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Uncle_Elvis 1/8/23

Do you want the hinge to work after modding it? 

If not, just pop them with a flat head or something similar. Do your modding, then JB or E6000 the whole thing back together 

  • I got a couple of funny cars myself, but I want to still be able to open them afterwards. Otherwise, yeah, I would've done this already. — SpyDude
  • Yeah, I'd like to keep the hinge viable if possible. — BadWoolRacing
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