General Lee

RobertBcfc Thursday, 4/28/2022

I've always wanted one of these for my fantasy collection, but of course, I want it to be fast!

Can anyone recommend a casting that doesn't just look the part, but can go too?

I saw there are Ertl castings, but nothing overtly Dukes from HW (that I've seen at least but may be mistaken) - any recommendations?


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SpyDude 4/28/22

HW pulled the General after all hell broke loose over the rebel flag. Finding any of them with an intact flag is going to be more valuable than making it a runner.

That being said, you could probably find a Charger, paint it orange, and build it for racing. As for the decals, you might need to search on Etsy or eBay to find water slide decals to make it into the General Lee. Be forewarned: a lot of the race tracks are NOT going to allow it to run on their tracks, as it is considered "controversial" or "offensive" at this point, but for your own private collection, I see nothing wrong with it.

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redlinederby 4/29/22
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That's what I had to do. I took a Challenger and remade the Dixie Challenger that HW released back then. I just painted it orange and bought the decals. I didn't make it to race but getting the decals and building your own awesome General might be as close as you get.

You can even nab a decal sheet from our friends over at the My Custom Hot Wheels shop

And just make sure you share some photos of your build once you got it!

I suppose you could always race a "fake" General Lee by adding a British flag on top that has a similar design...Scotland also has one big X on their flag. Just a thought. 

The HW '69 Dodge Charger would probably be passable if you matched the wheel sizes and lowered it a touch. I grew up playing with the Ertyl versions so to my eye that will always be the correct 1/64 General. I think you could get a decent mod out of it. If I ever get around to this project (it's on everybody's list), I'm leaning toward the Maisto Fresh Metal 1969 Dodge Charger RT.  Wheel wells will need opening, but otherwise it looks pretty good and it's different than the expected Ertyl or HW.

  • Thanks everyone - I never put two and two together re the flag. But some great suggestions there - as always really appreciated — RobertBcfc
  • I fully understand the flag thing. But, it just ain’t the General without the damned flag. So I plan to add a big rainbow sticker to the rear window of my Maisto. That should counteract the flag. — Ruckus_Racing
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