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Chrisw Thursday, 1/16/2020

Hey guys not sure if this is a old topic, but if nobody asked the question I don't even know I just do it. Question is how long does it take for your car to break in with graphite?. 


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redlinederby 1/16/20
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Hmmm...good question. I have no textbook answer but my assumption has always been it gets in there pretty immediately and does the job. At least what it feels like to me. But of course, graphite is just sprinkled on so it should, in theory, all go away after too long.

I usually graphite my wheels right after I put them in the car and then do a few test runs on the track. Actually, I usually add graphite whenever I take the car to the track. I don't know if graphite builds up or now, I doubt it, but certainly doesn't hurt.

And then I give it a big graphite bath before I pack it up to ship out. I really just cover the wheels. Dust it around a little and then wrap it. I don't know how well the graphite holds on once it's in the mail and banged around. 

It does wear off/out afterwhile...but so does an approved oil...graphite is not all the same...took me 3 years to come up with the blend I use breaks in pretty fast...but don't think more is better...just enough to cover the axel head and work it in with a small brush...Traction Event has a video buried in the archives that I base my technique on.

  • Check out the "More modding tips & tricks" article in the Cars section. It covers most of the TE stuff. — redlinederby
  • Glad to know that it is helping someone... My cars have been flat lately, more likely everyone else got real fast — Traction-Event
  • Hey...everything I do is based off you...Robby and C10 — LeagueofSpeed
  • Geez, TE, it seems like we are the "forefathers" of this stuff :)...makes me feel old..."I remember, back in 2014, we had to race uphill, both ways" ! :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Don't worry...I'm older than you both — LeagueofSpeed
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Chrisw 1/16/20

Thank you both "redlinederby , an "league of speed ". With the input . It's a learning tool for me and others that read these threads. Appreciate it 

  • Absolutely...Redline Derby is the place for the congregation of knowledge on and about the sport of Diecast Racing — LeagueofSpeed
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72_Chevy_C10 1/16/20

Hey Chris,

A lot of this sport is about experimenting...and what works best for you. Once you get comfortable building cars, just try different stuff.. and you'll find what works for you! If you have a track, hosting a race helps you to see fast cars in person. You'll see that the fast cars are running dead straight and are really quiet.

Thanks for your questions and comments on my yt channel...keep asking, and I'll try to give the best answers I can :)

  • Thanks 72_chevy_c10 — Chrisw
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