Gravitywerx Top Ten Slideshow

Gravitywerx Saturday, 7/23/2011 Top finishers from just-completed series that was really tight at the finish. Inverted starting order did it's job holding up fast cars and making it exciting. The cream eventually made it to the top. These are the only models that have a chance on this cruel track.


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WorpeX 7/23/11

Got enough Teegrays and Monte Carlos? haha

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Gravitywerx 7/23/11

The original 20 car field was intentionally "stacked" with my 3 Teegrays and 3 Monte Carlo's to get a more conclusive result to a very unscientific experiment. All 3 Teegrays qualified in the top ten and stayed in the A race (top ten in points) despite only 3 wins between them. The Monte Carlo's jockeyed back and forth between A and B but won 5 races (some were B races). These are the 2 best models I have found so far along with the Batmobile. I've been looking for a 458 Ferrari with no luck. Box trucks don't work here.

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