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Hairy Man Mountain Runs Inaugural Winter Rally Race ( Full )

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409 Racing got one 

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EnochEl 10/13/23

I'm in if you got room

Can I join the competition.

I'll take a spot too if you've got room 

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WallyChamp73 10/13/23

If not too late, I would love a spot in this race! 

#New Jersey Drive Racing

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MWAI_Racing 10/13/23

I'd like to get in on this if I can ???? 

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Bolo_Brown 10/14/23

If there's any room I like to join. 

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Marco_Polo 10/14/23

Polo Racing is in for this one!!!

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WesCoasin 10/14/23

Wes Coasin if there's any slots left

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Papa_Pugsley 10/14/23

Is there still room to get in? If so, Papa Pugsley is in.

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Sneaky_Bob 10/16/23

If you still have a spot, Sneaky Bob would like a shot.

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LobotomyScam 10/16/23

For me, an open spot exists, I hope. Your track wishes to host a race with rally cars, that is the latest gossip on the street. Don't send your track to me, I will send a car to your track, if permitted.

  • Lol Your always Welcome at Hairy Mans! And by the by I will pm you some pics of Leather bags. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I just messaged you back. I'm not sure which style, yet. — LobotomyScam
  • And I'd like to put #40 on my car. Driver: Lobotomy; Team: Sparks Racing. Thanks. — LobotomyScam

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