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1Jungle_Falls Monday, 3/25/2024

I operate Jungle Falls Raceway.  I have an event coming up later this year (2024). I am a one man operation, and let me tell you it's not as easy doing everything.  Jungle Falls Raceway is located in Cincinnati Ohio.  I am looking for anyone that is relatively close that could /would come to my racetrack/house and assist with races/filming/scorekeeping. My Beetle Bonanza event is scheduled for 6-1-24. I am looking for someone who shares the same love for Racing diecast cars as I have. 

Please reach out if interested. Any tips, suggestions are welcome.  This will be my first big event and hopefully not my last. 


Hello! I am currently hosting my First Mail in tournament, My Rookie experience is that if you have the Editing program down then thats a good part of the Battle. I currently do it by myself as I as up in the Boonies and know no one around.

Camera's to get the shots I can't, Start gate and first corner are tough ones but all the rest of the Track action I can get with main camera. Have a camera at Finish line for Close calls. I will run small heats running 6 Races ( Best of three ) one on one. Gives me time to sit and edit for posting in about 4 hours. Give a bit for interuptions as I live on a Farm. This way if I can then it will be about every 4th day for a post, with a second Race to start in the middle of May I want to be ready with no delay.

Whlie filming time trials not only did I get time recorded on Camera after each run I stopped for a sec and wrote down on tablet that was already prepaired for each Driver. During editing I double check Times from the Video and Tablet for any Bobo's I might of made. The timer is only for Top track times during Races. Having Drivers post a # helps out with keeping track of who's car is who's. As well as I took pictures of entries as they came in for a Record and to post for the Teams to know their Entry has arrived. I hope this helped a bit.

  • good tips, I am very "gun shy" of hosting even if I had a decent track. Thanks for hostin'! — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 3/26/24
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Browse through the Video collection in the forum for lots of ideas on how to shoot and edit races.

When I was hosting and video-ing, I shot my race by hand on my phone. I had a remote start so I could press the button with my foot (guitar petal style) and then just point-n-shoot the race. Granted, my cars were going in a straight line but that doesn't make the process any different.

One very helpful thing I did was use a clapper-style board in front of every video. It had the race number, the car numbers, and usually the bracket match number. I'd shoot it for a few seconds before starting the race, that way when I go back through the clips during editing I can easily see it. Files coming off my phone were never named well so having some way to see race info in a thumbnail was critical.

My primary mission was to just get decent video. Make sure cars are in the shot and you can see the start and finish. Recording the results was done after the fact but rewatching the replay. You can't manage everything at once...trying will be an exercise in frustration. 

I feel I should also say, please be mindful and cautious when inviting strangers to your home! Last thing we need is RLD in a police report!

  • Appreciate that advice of inviting strangers to my home. I am a full time tattoo artist with a studio in my home. Strangers come over all the time. Plenty of cameras and protection for myself. No police reports will be needed. — 1Jungle_Falls
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