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When: Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Hollywood Road Race is a theme race where the cars must be a car from a movie or TV show.  This race will be run on my Thunder Road track. Check out a clip of the track below.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Cars can be any brand 1/64 scale cars
  • Cars can be modified or stock.
  • Any wheels are allowed.
  • Max weight 57 grams
  • Max length 4 inches
  • Max height 2.5 inches
  • Width - must fit on Hot Wheels orange track.
  • Cars must be a car from a movie or TV show.  Cars cannot be a character car or cars that represent/advertise movies or shows, but should be an actual car IN the movie or show. Some manufacturers have made movie and TV show cars.  You can enter those or you can modify and paint your own.  If you modify and paint your own, it doesn't have to be the exact year, make, model, or wheels, but should be close. Try to keep to the spirit of the theme.  Do your best to replicate the paint job, but it doesn't have to be perfect.
  • When you send your cars include the movie or show that it is from.
  • Try to post a youtube clip or picture of the car in the movie or show.

How to enter

Each racer may enter up to 3 cars. There will be a $1 entrance fee per car.  Mail-in cars should be sent with return postage if the racer wants them back.  

Where to send your cars

Mail cars to

Robby C
P.O. Box 156
Washington, Utah

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry and include what race this is for as I have a few races coming up close together.

Entry deadline

Cars due Feb 18, 2017.  Racing will start the following week.

Scoring and Winning

Depending on the number of cars, this will either be a single or double elimination tournament.  

I will be keeping points for anyone entering any of my races this year and crown a champion at the end of the year.


I think I have describe the spirit of the theme pretty well.  Try to keep to it, but I don't want to argue about whether this or that will work.  Just try to make it look like your favorite movie or tv car.  

Tracks & Dates

This is not a series event.  It will be run on my Thunder Road track.  See video at the top.

Winners and Results

Races will be videoed and posted here and on Youtube, as well as other sites and Facebook pages I have.  

  • Here is a little inspiration I found on YouTube...

  • Here is a link to the internet movie cars database. It could be a great resource for this race.  If you have a favorite movie, you can check what cars are in it.  Or if you have a favorite car, you can look up by make and model what movie it was in.  

How is the Bluesmobile not in that list? Friggin' Ghostbusters car...

In the movie Click (2006) there is a Cadillac V16. The protagonist drives this before visiting his family in 2017 (lol). Looks nice in the snow.

Bah...gotta be more famous than that! LOL

Does the Karate Kid car have a Hot Wheels model? It's a 1948 Ford something...

Brian, there is one waiting on eBay just for you. ;)

Well hell...
That is not a bad price, sorta.

I found this website a couple years ago, i finally get to share it.


Ok, now i know, after only 5 minutes, I am addicted to this site^^^^^^^^^ up there. Lol

You've got about 3 weeks to get those cars in.  These cars arrived this week. This video will be updated and added to as I get more cars!

Homer wants in!

Awesome! Love Homer's pic in the window.

So does Herbie...

I'll be shipping my cars out this weekend, looking forward to the fun and competition.

Cool! I'll be watching for them!

The 67 Mustang Fastback-F&F Tokyo Drift

Lotus Esprit-The Spy Who Loved Me/Submarine Car

Cars on the way

# 9500111995477034095799

Cars showing that they have arrived at race destination!!!!!

Yup. They have arrived!

My cars should be there as well

Got ' well as my blackwall cars and a bunch more! Thanks TE!!!!!

Updated video of car preview.  Sorry it's a bit long.  I keep trying to shorten it, but love all the car action so I just haven't been able to bring myself to cut it down. :)

As more cars get added I'll just have to bite the bullet and get rid of all the action and just show the cars. ;)

We're down to about a week.  Get those cars in the mail.  This is going to be fun!!!

any of the cars from DeathProof  Stuntman Mike

Nice Work!!!! Should be a lot of fun and some great racing.

So if I have a stock car that's a kind and color used in a movie, is that close enough (or does that only apply to mods)? It's fine if it doesn't--I have other stuff I can enter--I just want to know all of my options. For instance, I have an Audi R8 I might send in, though it wasn't originally modeled after one in a movie (and probably has a different license plate), and I have a Viper I might be able to make fit this description (again minus any license plate, unless I used a sticker):

Also, do fantasy cars (like official Speed Racer cars or Hot Wheels's new "Carships" such as the Millenium Falcon) count?

And by the way, I received my entrants back from the Drag 'n' Fly race; thanks for that cool event and for packing my cars so safely!

Speed Racer...yes, but I'd like to avoid the carships if we could.

I might enter in a Ferrari F40 from the movie Army of One (1993). It's actually a kit car built over a Fiero since the F40 was way too expensive for destruction.

Jade (1996) also had a nice car chase.

Three solid entries will be mailed out.

Black tinted Thunderbird from Jade (1996).

Dom's Charger from The Fast and the Furious (2001).

Ferrari F40 from Army of One (1993).

I'll be looking for them.

I'll be entering two: a familiar red Viper like that linked above, with two of its age-old 20 stickers removed (I'm leaving one in case CCRider is doing numbers--might as well leave one of those), and a black Ferrari Testarossa modeled after this one: The Ferrari, too, had a sticker removed to make it more authentic, from the race in honor the victims of the 11/13/15 terrorist attack in France. (The FOTF sticker on the hood might actually help authenticate it, since there's no big Ferrari sign on the movie car like there is on the stock HW). Pictures to follow.

Cool! I'll be watching for them!
Got your cars today! :)
Thank you for letting me know! I included an RLD entry form, but I'm sorry that I forgot to specify which race they were going into.

Before-and-after images of my cars over the links to the images of the movie cars:

Displaying image2jpegDisplaying image3jpeg

Excuse the leftover reddish mark....

Displaying image4jpegDisplaying image5jpegDisplaying image6jpeg

Here are me and my sons entries:

My Team: Wintech Racing

The A-team Van:

James Bond Aston martin DB10:

1968 mustang Bullit from Fastlane:

And My Sons Cars:

His Team: The Black Dragons

Lamborghini Aventador From Transformers 4 (Lockdown):

A Pagani Huayra From Transformers 4 (Stinger)

And Tanya (porsche 911) from the newest gone in 60 seconds:

Got your cars today! :)

Have my entries arrived?

Got your cars today! :)

Racing in the Hollywood Road Race starts tonight. Expect video to start showing up Wednesdayish.

Looking forward to seeing it!

Did some racing last night.  Hope to have round 1 video up by tomorrow evening.  In the meantime, enjoy the Team Preview video to see who's racing.

nice intro, I'm primed for more action
Ready to race!

Here is Round 1 of the Hollywood Road Race. To advance to the next round, a car must win two in a row. Not all cars raced in the first round. The bracket was seeded randomly and then adjusted slightly to try to avoid anybody racing themselves in the first or second rounds. 

Here are the Round 1 matchups

Color Country Racing vs. League of Speed
Red Rock Racing vs. Tracksurgeon
Wintech Racing vs. Raptor Racing
Tuh The Brave vs. The Black Dragons
K9 Krypto vs. 9.81 Racing
Fast Cash vs. G-Force Racing
JS Racing vs. Traction Event
Epic Racing vs. FOTF
HS Racing vs. Rhino Racing

Great first round action, Herbie had a textbook 1st race... the others not so much... he'll need to straighten out a few curves to hang in this field. 

Ha, my Batmobile was so close to the Rd 1 win!!!!!

My Ferrari almost spun out several times, but it made the cut in the end.

It messed up on Round 2 though. Lol!

Here's round 2 action!

Great stuff...job well done!!!

WOW!!!!! Three heartbreakers, oh well, happy with my showing for my first time out and never got swept. I at least provided some great racing action. That's racing....I'll be back!!!!!!

My Charger and F40 were procrastination racers. The T Bird though was real speed!

Yes, your T Bird ran very well-Good Luck the rest of the way.

Here is the Sweet Sixteen. If you go down in this round, watch to the end. At the end of the video there is a one-and-done mini bracket to determine 9th and 10th place

No Mr Bond I expect you to die...
Katrina (Jade) must've convinced Bond to stop those who framed her. Crossover plot!

Okay, I'm pulling for Herbie!!! The Mach 1 and the Dodge Daytona look tough, the Dodge comes on strong after it gets out of turn 2......TS you literally raced your rivets off!!!! Would have loved to have been in the hunt, also great father and son duel in the Sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Elite Eight. If you go down in this round, watch to the end. At the end of the video there is a one-and-done mini bracket to determine 5th - 8th place

No shame in my game, solid effort. best of luck to those racers still in the fight!

Here is the Finals!!!

That Mach 1 looked tough from the get go, no surprise it took home the prize. That was fun, already looking forward to next year, that race is 50% skill and 50% luck....but a lot of fun!!! Job well done CCR and thanks for hosting the race. 

The Mach 1 was always one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings. And this race proves that it's fast too!

It has similar charecteristcs as the Noodle Head and original Whip Creamer body wise.

Great race, coverage, before and after, solid videos... Nice work all around here CCR!!!

Thanks everyone for entering.  This race was a lot of fun to run.  I hope you all had fun too! It probably won't be until the weekend until I have a chance to get the cars all packed up.  I left one more video in this post.  Enjoy!

Thanks for a great event, CCR! I like racing on this track--and I'm glad to finally have some points toward this series. Congrats on your win!

Well, always double check your cars before sending them off!!!! CCR sent my cars back and the Lotus-Spy who Loved Me car didn't have drilled rivets as the one that came back had factory rivets and a pin stripe paint flaw...which I recognized. The Lotus I modded for the race was way faster than the one I sent...and the stock one I sent ( no added weight/no graphite) had the advantage at one point!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh at least I've got a car ready for next year already.  

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