Hot Wheel Track Timer Coming Soon from 3DBotMaker

3DBotMaker Wednesday, 5/2/2018


It's compact, easy to use, and can install into any orange track setup. The 3DBotMaker HW Track Timer records time in milliseconds for up to 10 seconds. Features easy 1 button reset, sensor light sensitivity adjustment, and can be powered from 3 AAA batteries or micro usb cable. Uses standard telephone cable to work with tracks big and small.


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redlinederby 5/2/18
Site manager

YES! That looks awesome. Love the little mini-connectors with the sensors, very smart. Can't wait to try it out.

However, it looks like both sensors have connectors on both sides (male/male) this means I cannot put the sensor as the first thing after the 3DBM starting line? That's where you'd want the first sensor to be in most cases, right? And then same when using your finish line.

Seems like you'd need to have a female/male of each one...

  • I opted to go with a design that could easily insert into any track setup, than making it connect directly to my start and finish. If you wanted it cl — 3DBotMaker
  • If you wanted it closer to you start and finish you could cut a piece of orange track. — 3DBotMaker
  • Otherwise you could have it time from 1 foot after the start to 1 foot after the finish, or any distance in-between. — 3DBotMaker
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41-14 5/2/18

Well, guess I’m going to be doing some time trials with my collection in the near future. Any idea of a retail price for these Adriel and if there’d be a discount for buying more than one. 

Mine will be used for speed testing my Modified and Stock entries into tournaments.

....because afterall....The Quest for Speed is Eternal.

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41-14 5/2/18

Now I can see sub4ra really being able to do qualifying times with this one. 

  • Yes I will be picking up one of those for sure. Would be interesting to run all of those cars from the March Madness Tournament for s & g to see how the times compare. — sub4ra
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Rusty 5/2/18

got to get this..Great idea and great looking system!!!

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redlinederby 5/17/18
Site manager

Just saw a Facebook post from 3DBM that these timers are currently sold out. I'm not surprised but also didn't realize they were on sale yet!

Shame on me for not checking in more often, I guess, but all indications here pointed to them still "coming soon".

  • The first batch sold out in a couple hours, so I didn't even announce it on here. — 3DBotMaker
  • I'll have more available for order by next week. — 3DBotMaker
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Mopar_Mafia 5/17/18

Yep cool stuff. I'm going to order soon as they are available

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3DBotMaker 5/19/18

  • Nice commercial. You put this at the top in your original post. Better selling points in this than the other. — redlinederby
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