Hot Wheels Day at Target

Saturday, June 16th, 2018
redlinederby Sunday, 6/10/2018
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As reported in various places, there is a Hot Wheels event this weekend on June 16 at Target stores. It's part of their 50th annivesary celebration promotions.

Based on what I've seen at my local Target, things will kick off Saturday, June 16th at 10am. What that includes it doesn't really say...and it'll probably vary between Target stores. I'm guessing it will be (and should be) geared towards kids. That'll probably mean sales or cars (or a free one!) along with track racing and other family-friendly activities.

I don't know how long the fun will last at Target. If you don't get there at 10a, I don't know what you'll miss out on, if anything. I'd like to think it'll run at least an hour or so...

I'm planning on taking my kid to check it out. Not sure what we'll get out of it, if anything, but it's something to do on a Saturday morning, which is something I can never have enough of.

If you manage to get to Target on Saturday, be sure to come back and share your experience. I think we'll all be interested to see how it varies between stores and states.

UPDATE: Official info from Target. A free car for kids and 10% off. 


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41-14 6/10/18

Hope you guys have lots of fun Brian!!

We're going to check it out...I might even do some recruiting for RLD, and I'd still like to establish a local club in my neck of the woods. I never used my warehouse in Apex, NC for hosting race's but it'd be a great spot if I could get a diecast club up and running.

  • A warehouse? What do you store there? Or is it just where you have your secret rave parties on the weekend? — redlinederby
  • Carpet remnants for the refrigirators for the rentals...washer and dryers...dishwashers, but I still have a lot of usable floor space. — LeagueofSpeed
  • ....and of course the Rave parties...where I get my side DJ hustle on. — LeagueofSpeed

Here's the link to the official announcement from Target:

Looks like a free car for the kids and 10% off Hot Wheels products. There's also a link to which stores are participating. ~Robert

  • Awesome. Thanks for the link. — redlinederby
  • I'm planning on picking up another 100 car $2 at 10%...that's 2 Mainlines!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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Mopar_Mafia 6/11/18

Our local stores are participating so the Mafia will be on scene monitoring activities and hoping to get some deals.

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redlinederby 6/12/18
Site manager

Got his posted to the RLD Facebook, has some more insight to what's happening at Target. Sounds like they'll have some walk-up stations for cars and things. Collector stuff at 11a with drawings for exclusives. (h/t Ronald Pinkham)

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Mopar_Mafia 6/12/18

There ya go............

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redlinederby 6/16/18
Site manager

Just got back from Target and we had a good time, especially if you ask The Kid. The Target staff were a little behind, as when we got there after 10a they were still setting up tables. I talked with the floor manager later and she said that half of the stuff had just arrived that morning, so while they knew it was an event day, they had little time to prep.

And by the time we got there (late) there was already a small crowd waiting...mostly collectors. I overheard one guy got there at 9a. Nuts. We all were chatting and I mentioned that the collector cars don't get rolled out until 11a, which was met with groans. Whatever guys...the day isn't just for you.

But my kid and several others that were there got their free mainline, a little pack of stickers and a activity sheet with a word search and stuff. My kid was very excited to pick out her car and decorate it. We walked around the toy aisle a bit while we waited for them to put together the track, which was just a double-loop playset setup on a table. Nothing fancy but the kids love racing each other.

Meanwhile, the collectors were in line waiting for that 11am bell to ring. The staff just layed out cars on a table and told everyone to take turns picking out 5. I'm not sure how exclusive any of them were or how many boxes they were opening over the hour. I got a few I didn't have including that GoPro camera sled car, and The Kid got several ones she liked as well.

I didn't bother spending $20 for the mail-in car. I don't usually put in that much effort to get them, just not my thing. 

Anyway, it was a short trip but fun nonetheless...and even though they were a bit slow to get things up and running, the experience was much better than what KMart Days had been in the past, at least around my neck of the woods. I hope it's something they continue to do even past this year.

What did you all find?

(More photos later)

  • I got to our local Target at about 10:20. No crowd just random kids coming by who weren't there for the event. They were going to raffle off some special models but I didn'tt hang around for that. I didn't see anything special, but it was nice they had a small track set up for the kids. I went to a second Target later in the day that did not seem to be hostng the event, however I found two of the GoPro cars on the pegs so picked up one for myself and a friend of mine. My other two finds were a pink 'Gotta Go' car and the Batman animated series car which really speaks to me for some reason. — Racing_with_Robert

Decent crowd and fun to watch the kids ripping and racing on the spot...and then the not so fun part of the collectors buying up boxes of the "event exclusive" castings to pander on ebay later...but it is what it is in regards to that scenario. I went hoping to score some castings to modify for American Muscle 2 and did just that with the Monte Carlo SS, Charger RT and the IROC-Z...the 90's Mustang Sheriff's car was one of the most popular as well.

  • Yeah...I got more to say about the collector behavior later. — redlinederby

I went with my fam who dont care or know that much about hotwheels but me & my bro both got our free kids car (his was faster) then we did the collectors part since they dont care I told them what 2 get and at the end of the day I came away with 22 free cars and paid for 7, $0.85 so 29 cars for $5. I also got a a redline green 50th anniversary Hemi (I know I trashed the hemis on the AM2 thread but it looked like a beast so I had to have it).

  • Wow, your Target sounded lax. Staff wasn't letting adults get free cars, only under 18 were allowed. Although I bet they have a TON left over now, crowd wasn't that big. — redlinederby
  • I believe HWR may be 16 now, if not he's still 15 — LeagueofSpeed
  • HWR - I knew you'd come around. P.S. - I got a couple of nice Mustangs today! Cheers — Mopar_Mafia

My b-day is 07-30-02

At the end I think I saw an adult ask if he could get a free car

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Mopar_Mafia 6/16/18

Went to 2 Target events. The first one was a liitle unorganized but had great cars and very few kids. Floor Manager stated they had little time to prepare and most of the staff were newer employees. The kids that were there had a blast but no racing action. We helped the smaller kids find cool cars. They did the collector raffle early and we were treated to some rude adult collector behavior. The Target employees were very nice and accomodating. I think a good time was had by all but turnout was very low. 

We went to a second Target about 15 min away. They gave adults free cars from station 1. Station 2 was unmanned and all the good ones were neatly displayed on a table. We got 2 each of the Target onlys (there were 2 adults) and some nice redlines and other new releases. We weren't greedy and left cars for others and then we straightened up the table after we gathered our haul. Employees were very friendly at this store and virtually no one turned out for the event at this location. 

Had lunch, went home, cracked some cars, lined 'em up, ran the track and grilled some chicken. A great day for the Mafia and friends. 

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