Hot Wheels FACTORY ERROR UPSIDEDOWN Braille Racer - Twin Mill Experimotors 4/5

SavageSpeeder Thursday, 8/3/2023

I don't know if any one wants this but I am selling it for $150


Wow, that's cool! I also have a factory error: A 1962 Corvette from the 'Then and Now' series. Has a string of red paint on the back passanger's side. Don't know how much it's worth. Kind of hard to see. You can kind of see it in the last photo.I also have the same Twin Mill in mint condition (Not Upside Down, of Course), and never noticed the brail "Twin Mill" on the bottom. Cool!

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redlinederby 2/12/24
Site manager

I don't pay attention to prices/value but is there really a demand for error cars like that? Either packaging or on the casting itself?

But I should probably know better that I'm sure there's someone that only collects error cars, lol

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KandORacing 2/12/24

$150, that's a funny joke. Thanks for making me laugh 

  • Maybe $140 or so, but it is still reasonable. Could possibly be worth way more in the future. — LottaSpeedRacing
  • Absolutely not. This is so common, anyone thinking this is worth a lot of money is delusional — KandORacing
  • Hey man, I bet that there is a market for it out there. Just find the right buyer. — LottaSpeedRacing
  • The right gullible idiot maybe — KandORacing
  • Okay man, just calm down. — LottaSpeedRacing
  • I'm calm, just being honest — KandORacing
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Numbskull 2/12/24

I look, I think, I make decisions.  Vodka. 

Way too easy to fabricate errors, some acetone and q-tips and I can do the same thing.

  • With quality contol so poor these days in the HW factory, I'd say the car is worth the same as any current mainline. Otherwise, yeah acetone and q tip party! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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FredD 2/12/24

how would a blind guy know it was upside down?

It was SUPRISINGLY easy for me to turn a Braille Racer - Twin Mill upside down in the package!   

Worth $1

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