Hot Wheels Fox Run Track Pack, longer segments, great deal

redlinederby Friday, 10/16/2020
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After I saw member Bruno share a photo of a new track pack he found at Big Lots, I had to get one for myself to see what's all in the package. And at only $20, it's great deal with some great track.

New 3-foot track length

The Fox Run Track Pack includes 30-feet of orange track, which may not sound like anything special, but the segments are 3-feet long rather than normal 1.5-feet (or less) we're used to getting in our track packs.

Green? Really? Okay.

The pack comes with 10 track segments; 7 orange, 3 neon green. I don't know if I'm really keen on the green, but it's something new, I guess. If you're picky about your track matching and looking nice and uniform, you won't get that here.

The plastic is the same thickness as the track pack bags, so it's solid, and no arrow cut-outs here. The connectors are still the push-button style that has been the norm, but they're green rather than blue or orange. The track walls are a smidge taller than the regular bag packs but not as tall as the older orange track. 

Along with the track, the package comes with 2 table clamp holders and a floor plunger hand launcher. For our race track layouts that's not a big draw, but it's nice to have some extra fun packed in. So maybe buy a few for yourself and one for your kids.

Too good to pass up

This Track Pack looks great and it feels great. It's a good length of track and the whole set will only set you back $20 at Big Lots...that's less than $1 per foot for some really nice pieces. I don't know if this pack is a Big Lots exclusive so you'll just have to check your local store. Hopefully this will start making its way into other retail outlets too.

So for under $50, you can buy two of these sets and have yourself a 2-lane, 30-foot drag strip. And more so, you'd only have 9 segment connections in the run. The numerous connections between segments was always my hang up in long orange track setups but this set eliminates much of that worry.

This is solid deal, y'all. Don't pass it up. I always say you can never have too much track and this Fox Run Track Pack makes it easy to stock up.

Oh...and for what it's worth, you get 2 cars with the set and one of them is a pretty sweet GT-R with a green paint job. You can't have too many GT-Rs, I always say.


Looks like a great buy for some longer sections of track.

A quick look, and have not spied any downunder, but will keep an eye out!

Cheers for the info.

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ChiefWopahoo 10/17/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Why they did 3 pieces in green we'll problably never know but as long as it works. Glad you did this review, now I can keep mine boxed up until I get a chance to set up my home track. : )

- Bruno

  • I know...weird. Why 4? or Split the difference with 5? But whatever... — redlinederby
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MDG_Racing 10/18/20

If you watch the Nick of Time race at Don Boomershine track. He has this track on his layout. I really like the green. 

If someone has the SKU#  that would be handy. Could possibly order from Big Lots instead of having to go to the stores. I didn't see it on their site.

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ChiefWopahoo 10/18/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Here are the two barcodes I found on the box. Hopefully one will be the number you need: 

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Kaiju_Colorado 10/18/20

Nice review! Thanks for sharing.

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NDeavers80 10/19/20

Wish it was all green... I really dig the green

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NDeavers80 11/6/20

Just got a pack. Still wish it was all green anyone want to trade orange for green?

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