Track Building and BuyingHot Wheels Racing At The Park on 100ft BluTrack

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Yesterday we did some testing with BluTrack at one of local parks, and had some really good results.  As you will see in the video we had some wrecks, due to poor wheels, axles...or ants crossing the track.  Check out the video and let me know what you think! 


Damn, that's a long track. Great angle really shows it too.
Needs a steady cam...nice hat!

How long/high is the drop? It looks like a rather short drop given how long the actual track is...wonder what the optimal balance is between the two.

About 4ft high, with a 8ft ramp. But what is missing is the fact we are on a hill.

The ants just wanted to have a good view of the racing action ;)

There is always that one fan!

You guys did a good job in covering that length with only one camera.  Can you list all the cars who finished and their times?

Didn't really have the time to do every race...alot of setup and testing, but once it is right, its right!

Preacher, glad to see you are testing the limits of these litte cars.... Great stuff! May need to look into international shipping... :)

6.07 seconds over 100ft isn't too shabby...that's like 1 1/4 miles.

Put a speedo in there and we can do some land speed record events.
Really fast Pro Stock 1/4 mile times!
cool stuff preacher, keep on experimenting...

6.07 seconds over 100 feet is equal to 718.28 mph scale speed.  I would say further up the track closer to the starting ramp the cars would be 900+ mph scale speed.


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