How about some Hot Wheels shoes?

redlinederby Wednesday, 11/7/2018
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I have a love hate with licensing. I mean, let 'em live, they're filling their coffers, and I love buying stuff that shows off my love for a band. But I always feel like there's a point where the licensing jumps the shark and you roll your eyes. And I'm not talking about little chotchkies and Pez...real things, like shoes.

Looks like Mattel and Puma joined forces to design some shoes. Although, it looks like the "inspired" by Hot Wheels is just in color scheme only and a 50th logo. Seems weird to even bother co-branding but I suppose some collector diehard out there will pony up the bills and proudly walk around telling folks he's wearing the Bone Shaker kicks.

It also looks like Puma is going to be carrying in some non-shoe apparel that sports the HW brand, which could be cool and maybe worth buying. At least people would know you're a fan from a distance. Check out the slide show on the article for more photos.

If anything, we can only hope that Ford or Chevy or someone will co-brand with Hot Wheels so we can go to the dealership and buy our own Bone Shaker one day.


I don't get it...other than the tounge...not to much HW I'm a Brooks guy.

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