How do you like it? Communicating with the masses

redlinederby Wednesday, 4/28/2010
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I'm a tech geek by nature, but I know we're not all in that category so I want to get an idea of where everyone lives on-line so I can communicate RDR stuff better and more directly.

I know some people Facebook all day, while others do the Twitter. Some just prefer e-mail newsletters and many are happy with the feed readers. And some people do all the above.

Outside of the RDR forums here, what would be your ideal way of getting info?

And just in case folks are unaware, Redline is everywhere!!



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David 4/29/10

I try to keep up with twitter but mostly using my Google Reader. Email newsletters would also work for me. Not much on FB anymore. Too much of a time suck and too much going on.

Now in a Utopian world I would love to have YouTube or even podcasts of the races. To be able to watch the races and maybe a talk show about diecast racing. Something kinda like But I can only imagine how much time and effort that would require.

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Quique69 4/29/10

Some just prefer e-mail newsletters

That's me!


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redlinederby 4/29/10
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Some sort of podcast isn't out of the question, frankly. I already have a setup for audio recording so doing a Redline cast is just time and they wouldn't have to be long. I guess if there's interest then I might try one and see what everyone thinks.

What would you want to hear in a RDR podcast? I guess I'm just not sure there's enough to talk about to have a somewhat regular podcast...??

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JDC442 5/4/10

I usually check my gmail daily

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