How many Crash Racer tracks do you need?

IdRatherDieCast Tuesday, 9/12/2023

Hey all,

I've got 2 currently. I was wonder what the consensus is for how many are; Required?, Ideal?, and Overkill?

That way I can grab them for when my road course gets moving forward.



I'd Rather DieCast 


I ended up buying around 5 or 6 I think. The issue is only two straights per box. I have a lot of curves left over. 

  • I've got 3, and it's not enough straight, figure thats where I'll end up, too — dr_dodge
  • although, with ~25 or them I could wrap the spiral staircase, but sounds dangerous without a warp containment field — dr_dodge
  • It depends on how long of a track you want. Mine is 52' long, so it took many straights, when I think about it I got at least six, probably seven. — G_ForceRacing
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SpyDude 9/13/23

Any time you can get a set, get a set.  You'll have it used as soon as you get home.

  • So True! Must Expand! But at some point room to do it is the question. I bought 6 sets. — Bent_Rod_Racing

I have what many consider a small track average real time is 6 to 7 seconds on stock cars. 5 to 6 on mod cars. I have 6 crash racers on mine. And 2 extra for extra straights if I need to replace any. Currently that's all the room I have. I had a couple people ask me a good starting point I usually tell them 4 to 6 Crash racers sets would set you up with a nice little track to get anyone started. Then if you have room and you enjoy doing races you can buy more and add on as you like. Good luck in your track building.(Caution it's addicting) 

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WolfHound 9/15/23

im still in the setup/design stage.... iv got 15 foot of orange track so 7 foot of 2 lane orange going into crash racers... i can only get Team Nascar 930145 Race Track .. more curves than straights. but looking like i will need 2 or 3 setsbefore i can race.

Spool Heads makes track that connects to the Crash Racers track. He sells individual pieces at:

Just send him an email and tell him what you're looking for and he will make it for you. 

  • That Coroflot connector looks really handy. You could have Crash Racers just for turns and any length of straight you want. — redlinederby
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