How to remove car rivets a different way

Esih_Racing Monday, 9/18/2023

Hey guys i just want to mention that a screwdriver can remove car rivets but it takes a long time to remove it so i want to see can you remove a hot wheels rivets without using Drill, Hot Gun or a screwdriver 

Im just curious

and also how to remove paint without using paint remover


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redlinederby 9/18/23
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Not sure if "Hot Gun" means soldering iron, so just sharing this link to a post about how to use an iron to heat the post and remove the chassis.

Paint remover is certainly the most efficient way to get paint off but you could grind the paint off with a Dremel or sandpaper, it would just take a while and wouldn't be smooth on the metal.

You can use a portable glass bead/sand blaster... but you need a compressor!

Portable Blaster

You can use a wire wheel... But you need a grinder!

Bench Grinder

But honestly, the orange citrus strip type paint removers are so easy and effective and environmentally friendly, they are really the best method if you can get it where you live!



F'D Racing

  • wet sand 220-360, paint over the original paint, glue strips of sandpaper to wood sticks and dowels — dr_dodge
  • on the modded bodies, I use it as bondo, too (removing door/hood and lines in the castings to make a fiberglass funny car look out of the body) — dr_dodge
  • thanks for your tips fred — Esih_Racing
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