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When: Thursday, April 7, 2016

New to the diecast racing hobby, or maybe just looking for an easy way to get involved? This tournament is a good place to start. No modding required...or allowed.

This is a no-mod race for stock Hot Wheels cars only. Pick up to 2 cars and send them in for your chance to win. This will be a standard bracket with double-elimination...random seeding and byes when needed, dependent on the number of entrants.

And if you're not sure what type of car to look for, check out the Redline Derby Fantasy League rankings to see which stock cars have a history of being fast. Then look for them (or something similar) on the pegs in your local stores.

This tournament will get a highlights video and possible preview episode as well, stay tuned.


Congratulations to FOTF and his Castrol Funny Car for the win. He'll get the Prize Pot of cars and Redline Derby Victory Sticker.

You can watch the live stream replay of the tournament here.

Entry Preview Show

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight: No limit
  • Car size: Max 3.25" long by 2" high. Width should fit on standard HW orange track.
  • Limit 2 cars per entrant
  • Hot Wheels brand only. Any year, model, style
  • Any wheels, no limits; FTEs allowed
  • Unmodified cars only, no mods. Cars do not have to be in the package.
  • Dry lubes only


This is a Entry Prize Pot tournament, where the winner will receive all the cars entered in the tournament. The exception is if an entrant wants their car(s) returned, they must send along another car to take its place in the prize pot. 

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter. Cars should be at the host track before March 21. Actual racing will be held the following week.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry to help us keep things straight.

Also denote on your entry card if you want your cars returned after the race. If you do, please include some money (or send Paypal) to help cover that cost.

Send entries to:
Redline Derby Racing c/o Brian Vaughn
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Scoring and Winning

This will be a single-host, double-elimination tournament. This will be a heads-up style race with no lane switching. Seeding will be random. The car that beats everyone else will win. 


Entries will be checked for modifications. Any offending cars will not race. Each car will be given one do-over if it comes off the track during a race. If the car comes off a second time, it will forfeit that match.

Tracks & Dates

This will be run on the Redline Derby Racing home track in Ohio

I liked the prize format of the Matchbox stock race. Those who wish to have their cars back pay, but any that are willing to donate them as prizes if they don't win can do so.

I'm hoping to enter this. I've got one or two very fast cars that won't have anything else to do in the area that weekend (or anything overly necessary for the rest of March or possibly other months).

Updated some tournament details and links. Prize info.

The car I will enter is absolutely the fastest car of my entire collection, a stock FTE Cadillac V-16, nicknamed "Margot." Her length is at the maximum 3.25 inches. If this car loses, I'd like to have this car returned since this is my test car for other races.

Good choice. The C16 won big in our last stock tournament
And just mark on your entry form that you want it returned + money
She is indeed, a keeper!

Can decals be added to an entry?

Yes, stickers and decals are okay. Just no "speed" mods allowed.
No lead stickers ;P

Updated prize and penalty details. Let me know if there is any confusion or questions.

All stock is me right now!  My collection is small but I will make some runs and figure out a couple to send!

In case if my entries happen to fail, I'll send in a customized 1999 Mustang and another mainline for the prize pot.

Fail? If your cars fail to win, that's okay - the winner will get ALL the cars regardless where they placed. Kind of like a pink slip race only you can choose which cars get the slip.

You only need to include extra cars if a) you want your entry cars back or b) you're just being nice.

I'm in.  

Finkle brought up a good point...anyone entering the Pro Series that hasn't already shipped out cars, feel free to pack your stock cars with your Pro Series mods to save the trouble for shipping later.

However, if you do, please include 2 ID entry slips so I know which cars go where and who owns what. I know it seems silly but it makes it much easier for me (and all hosts) when there are 2 dozen cars spread out on my bench! :)

Just making sure I am understanding this all correctly here. I can have my entries returned if I wish as long as I pay for the shipping, correct?

My Mom (old-hen on the site) decided to enter as well and hers will be shipped out with mine.

You can get your entries back if you, a) include some money to pay for the return trip AND, b) include another car to replace your entry in the prize pot.

So if you are entering 2 cars in the race and you want both of them back, you'll need to send in 4 cars and some money. The money will go towards shipping your 2 cars back home. The other 2 cars will go into the prize pot for the winner. Which cars you choose as replacements is up to you.

Hello, new to the derby, very excited about this tournament, I will mail in two of my fastest ( that I need returned) and two for the pot.

Hi! And Welcome!
Welcome. I just learned of this hobby around 6 months ago. This website is great and full of helpful people.
welcome &jump in is the best way, you'll learn as you go!

Welcome to Redline Derby, glad you found us! ...and really excited to see you jump right in with this tournament. It's a good way to test the waters and see how things work. There's a lot of good info here with even more great people that know their your questions and share your projects.

What's the deadline on this one?

Just updated the event. Entry deadline is March 21st, that's the day I'll do a pick-up. Actual racing will be done after that date, probably that weekend.

I'll be sending in 2 for return and 2 for the pot. 

I'll be racing two FTE cars that I never had when I was a kid. Both are scary ones.

As I asked on the Matchbox race, is there anything within reason that anyone's looking for that they want to suggest I send as a prize? I'm not entirely sure what I'm entering yet, but I will be wanting it back. If there's a car you want, let me know and I'll see if I have one available to send.

I'll peel off the carpets off Carte Blanche for this race. It could become a two-in-a-row champion:

This is my entry. It beat everything that I own.....even the FTE'S.

This is the final week to send in your entries for the Derby Dash. I'll be making pick-ups throughout the week and then last call this weekend. 

I hope to do another preview show before the racing the following weekend. Not sure yet if I'll be able to do another results show or not - depends on my time and number of entries. 

The Carte Blanche will be entered in this one. It is the fastest Cadillac V-16 of Tracksurgeon Racing and won first prize for C4's Run Whatcha' Brung this month. For the stock race, the magic carpets have been removed.

The driver, Louenn Toussaint, has a crystal-like left eye for unknown reasons and a scar on his throat due to an accident. He can be very deceptive.

Certainly won't be the only Caddy running...

Brian's new race set up and video skills have pushed me over the edge and made me want to get in on this stock race.  Have a bit of spare time today, so I decided to dig out a few packages and do some testing.

I'm even going to bust open my prized 1988 all-metal Sol-Aire -it's time to see if it lives up to the hype.

thats a ton of fast cars right there, wow
The Turbolence is a good one.

I have been awol for a long time but I am back. I am digging through all my stuff digging it out of storage. Funny how life gets in the way lol. I just told my boys to find me three or four cars out that looked fast. I know, very scientific of us. When I get home tonight, we will test these three and I will be sticking two of them in the mail tomorrow. 

go fish dad and smelts go !
2 out of 3 ain't bad...the Lambo is probably the stinker

Maybe this one will be another for me.

Do it!

Two Cadillac V-16s will be shipped tomorrow. I added a green dot to Carte Blanche to indicate which is which. Also, two prize pot cars will be sent in, in which one is from my childhood collection and the other is a rare newer model.

Can't wait to face those bad boys!

Going to do a quick test tonight after practice and will get some cars in the mail. Slowly cleaning out the area so we have room to test.

Weber Cabin and Rally Case Racing entrants are on their way! Hoping for some great action and expecting another great presentation from Brian! 

bernie told me that a few years back you couldn't find a "salt flats racer" as the Japanese were racing HW on sky scaper rooves.
they bought every one he would get... go wc go !
I'm cheering for that bus...looks well-loved
There's still some hops in the bus. Surprisingly straight for its age. I'm so impressed with 45 year old axles

Okay, so when I scheduled this I didn't pay attention that it was Easter'm not changing the date but results might not get posted until after Easter. I'll try to race during the week so I can get results up sooner but I'm not sure how the family schedule will go yet. Sorry, we'll get there :)

go find your eggs buddy...

EXCITED!  Mailed mine today USPS.  Should be at the PO Box by Saturday.  4 cars. 2 racers that I would like returned and 2 for the prize pot.  Car info is on the entry form.  

Please message me the email for paypal and I'll send return postage ASAP for the 2 racers I would like returned.  I think you said $5? 

I didn't graphite the racers.  Odd story: the wife "borrowed" my tube of graphite last week for some science class project at her school and she hasn't returned it yet, so, my racers are very stock.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. 

Shipping # 9505511066576077495860 

Rock on good people and Happy St Paddy's Day!

Thanks for the heads up, I'll PM you about payments

The "TinMan"(Cadillac) and "Flying Monkey"(Chrysler) are on the way! Along with two donors. Scheduled to be there Saturday. This is my first mail in race so yes I am jacked! Redline Derby Rocks!

Good deal.

I'll do a pick-up hopefully Friday after work and then Saturday for sure. I'll be sending out jig orders then too.

Depending how many cars I get and if there's enough interest, I can do another preview show like I did for the Pro Series. It's pretty easy to setup and fun to do...although not sure how fun it will be to listen to be ramble about 18 Cadillac V16 stocks, ha! Anyway...I'll post roll call when they get here.

Would love another one of your shows Brian
No Cadillac here. :(

Was looking over some old stuff and realized that last March was the first big RLD rip-n-roll tournament. I guess it'll have to be a regular March thing from now, huh? 

A total 31 cars entered that race and after all the dust settled, CCrider won with his Cadillac V16...but only after having to fight K&O's Johnny Camaro twice. It wasn't a blow out match by any stretch, some really good racing.

Here's the thread from last March:

And here's the complete bracket:

Good luck to everyone this year...

Are you still picking cars up on the 21st? Maybe I can get my entry out tomorrow and hope it arrives in time.

Yes, last pickup on Monday 3/21
Any chance you vould push it back a LITTLE farther?... I really do want to get a car in for this, and I should be able to get it out by....
....tomorrow. Priority shipping could hopefully have it there by Wednesday.

Asleep at the switch, forgot about this one. Next time.

Pickup today included Virginia, N. Carolina, Washington, S. Carolina, Kansas, Michigan and Connecticut. Plus a co-worker of mine is joining in with some cars. Around 15 cars entered as of right now, so a decent field.

The prize pot ain't shabby either with some FTEs just waiting to be chopped.

Uh oh. Nothing from TN? I mailed mine earlier in the week. Should have easily been there by Saturday. 

Doing last pick-up today after work and I'll do a final roll call tonight
Hopefully it will arrive.

At least our Cadillacs weren't formally owned by J&J Security:

Eat. Sleep. Destroy Cadillacs. Repeat.

Final roll call of entries as of 3/21

  • tracksurgeon (2)
  • jhmusic (2)
  • JDC442 (2)
  • Finkle (1)
  • WizardofOz (2)
  • nicpetty (2)
  • cliffordshaw (2)
  • McJiggles9 (2)
  • Local entry (2)

But it sounds like one or two entries are still MIA in transit...?

However, given the holiday weekend that I failed to account for, I'm not going to race this tournament until next week sometime, so I'll do 1 or 2 more pickups in hopes some others get here.

I'm going to do another race preview show like I did for the Pro Series, but I probably won't be able to get that until Wednesday or Thursday night this week.

So best case, those late cars don't get in the preview show but do get here in time to race. Worst case, they got lost in transit. Those entries that are MIA, if you have a tracking number, please check and confirm its status and let me know. 

Thanks for the update Brian -hope those MIA cars turn up in time to race. Looking forward to that preview show!
Cool! Can't wait for the Preview show!
Hm, so far that'll be seventeen new cars Master Castrol'll be bringing home....
Will "local entry" be a couple of old Fantasy League all-stars?

I let the drivers ed teacher at my school mail it for me. I told him to send it priority but who knows. I will check with him today and make sure he did.


Updated the event date to be April 7...just to be safe. That'll be the date of the results broadcast.

I'll doing a preview show this week, probably this Thursday night 3/24. It'll be another live recording so join if you can but replays will go up.

I'll do actual racing the week after Easter and then results show early the week after that for the 7th. I'm still getting my process down for the video broadcast stuff. This is only the second time so probably giving myself more time than I need but better that than rush the product.

So...if anyone wants to still enter this, get your cars out today or tomorrow and they should arrive in time for the actual tournament. They won't be in the preview show but better to skip that than the actual race. 

Sorry for the push back and delay. Should hopefully favor some late entries. Let me know if there are any questions.

YES!!!!!! I'll have one or two there! Will the racing be live?
Not really. It'll be a live broadcast but I commentate the recorded race footage. Check out the Pro Series for example
I'm glad you decided to push back. I was going to be busy this weekend and didn't want to miss anything. Happy Easter!

Added live streaming dates. Preview show this Thursday at 10PM ET. Sorry for the late promotion...couldn't nail down the date until just now. :)

I'll see if I can get a description and picture of my entrant, "Master Castrol," up by then. It should be shipped tomorrow.
Cool. Yeah, if anyone else has a photo of their car, I can use that during the show

One of the most renowned cars I own, Master Castrol has won six times: at CVD, the Funny Car Division in May of 2014 and the 2014 F/c Division Championship; at the LJLRC, the June 2014 Any Brand Race; and at the RIHWC, the June 2014 Funny Car Race, October 2014 All Out Die Cast (any brand) Race, and November 2014 Funny Car Race. I recall it also tied, and then came within a thousandth of a second of tying, a Redline Side Kick for a Quarter Final trophy the day it won All Out Die Cast.

As you can see, Master Castrol didn't do much over 2015; however, he's been competing decently at the LJLRC and RIHWC this year. If he can break through the other LJLRC Any Brand entrants, or my Emperor Kenny and another guy's Castrol at the RIHWC, he might be in for another win at some point. Most Funny Cars--and thus the majority of unlubed stock HWs--still generally aren't a match for him; we'll see if dry lubes can lick him, though I'm not exactly betting on it.

Well damn, that's some pedigree right there then...tough competition
Wow.......I guess just send my cars back sounds like the race is over!
This isn't fun anymore...
Whoever wins this race will have a nice Johnny Lightning for their collection!

18 Cadillac V-16s sounds like overkill. FTEs on faster ones of the same castings spin silently without making a buzzing/roaring noise and slowing down.

I don't understand what this means either, but I appreciate finally having an accurate description of that noise bad wheels make.

Just caught the preview show... Brian good stuff, and your comment about prize cars... PRICELESS!!!!

The replay of the preview show is done and up at the top. Ran a little shorter this time but a good look and chat about the stock-ness of cars. Thanks to everyone that tuned in live at some point, always appreciate having a live studio audience :)

For some reason the last minute or so of the show didn't get recorded by YouTube :( Guessing my internet couldn't keep up, so sorry about that. All the good info got captured though.

Lots of good cars in the mix, should be fun.

Although, I'm thinking the next stock tournament will have banned cars to see some different castings.

Oh, and I probably won't do any more car pick-ups until after Easter. I'll post with any late entries.

Thanks, mine should be there Monday.
Also, I was all set to watch the preview show last night and I must have fallen asleep with laptop in lap about 10 min before it started.
It's hell being almost as old as Schmitty! :)

 Great telecast last night Brian, l was very impressed with your video skills and commentary. Those Jaguars I sent are super fast, I have most of the cars represented in a tournament and I beat them all! Surgeon, calling you out!  Cadillacs are going down!  "Cause all I do is win win win no matter what " ????

Carte Blanche prefers to have its speed do all the talking...

Posted this on the Redline Derby Instagram last night before the show...just a little behind-the-scenes look at how unspectacular this all is. Just smoke and mirrors :)


Master Castrol is expected to arrive Monday. I sent an identical one, albeit not as fast (though perhaps not TOO bad a racer), for a prize ... just make sure the right one races and comes home, ha-ha-ha (the one with the green FOTF sticker in the protecto-pack).

Look on the bright side: if, for some reason, even one of you manages to beat this car, just imagine the joy all of you are going to feel over it ... though perhaps my talking like that makes that idea seem really hopeless....

I watched somewhat of the presentation (though not live)--I might agree with the idea of limiting castings next time. Where I come from, Funny Cars and Redlines tend to be designated to classes other than "Hot Wheels Stock."

Okay, the late entries are in and here they are...

FOTF's most feared funny car

2Seven's pair of "gold medal speed" cars

tnfishdaddy's entry pair

EconoCarl's fast pair

And I think that's everyone that wanted to get in on this race. I'll be posting the seeded bracket later this week.

And here is some of the prize pot the winner will take home. This photo does NOT include entry cars that are going into the pot should they lose. Winner should expect this lot plus 6 more or so.

A handful of decent FTE donors in there plus a duplicate of FOTF's Castrol funny car. And don't discount the cars in the lot that have metal chassis which can always be combined with an different body for some great racers...gotta use your imagination!

FOTF: I think it's cool that your prize car matches your entry -nice touch.
That's what I was thinking too.
That Lotus was a front-runner in the old Featherweight races.
Thanks! Somebody might get some use out of it--especially if they can legally use graphite. It might be fast if loosened up.

Do gold medal speed cars have special axles?

I don't believe so, it was just marketing for the ultra-style wheels

Is it too late to get in?? I have a Mustang FTE to enter.

Sorry, it is. They'll be another later this summer. But welcome! :)
And check the calendar for other events

Here's the bracket for the Derby Dash. Link also in the top post.

Are you running them this week?
Hey Brian, the thread says racing is at 10pm EDT, the bracket has 9pm EDT.
Racing broadcast will still be at 10PM.
Thank you!
Great field!

Shouldn't the Wizard of Oz's Chrysler be in the loser's bracket by now?... I guess it's more polite to wait and put it there AFTER it races Master Castrol.... };D

Also, I'm wondering the same thing someone else had posted--what happened to Tracksurgeon's pair of little white roller skates? (Borrowing Sean Casey's "Red Shoe/Dominator" analogy--perhaps Storm Chasers watchers will remember that.) I don't see him in the ladder.

I think you're right about the two V16s...let me double check tonight. I'll update bracket accordingly.
Can't miss out on a chance to humble Carte Blanche!
By the way, is there any chance a couple of the highest-ranked Fantasy League cars could race in this?
It might be cool to see them stack up against others' cars.

Oh my........just crown FOTF and send the cars home.;-)......

FOTF...... I will wait for you at the finish line!

We are missing Tracksurgeon and Tnfishdaddy's cars.

Yup...they'll get added the bracket. My bad.

Okay, my bad on missing a few in the has been updated and should now include everyone. Thanks for calling out the fail. Total of 24 cars racing with 8 byes...lots to get done, time to roll!

(I might need to rethink the double elimination for next year)

Just around twenty-four hours from now, NP, and I'll be laughin' at your "funny" cars....

(Emperor Kenny in hysterics)

Ahhh, where's HW's old "Ha Ha/Not-so-Funny Car" when you need it?

That is what the Romans must've used in the Punic Wars.

Laugh now...cry say the say the  flock!

I just hope my driver doesn't mess up and do a Hollywood stunt off a cliff.

<Trashtalk> I have a problem with how the bracket is set up and would like to talk to management.  I noticed that I am going to be eliminating one of my own cars as they will be going head to head in the semi-final round.  I don't think that is fair at all!  Can we organize it so they go head-to-head in the final? </Trashtalk>

I hear ya!
Aw, don't worry JHM--maybe they can meet up sometime in the, ah, "non-winners'" bracket!

Getting a little antsy and ready for race time!!!!!!!!!!

Just hoping somebody's able to stay with FOTF tonight -give him something to worry about
don't have a horse in this race, but looking forward to the live stream... best of luck all
See ya there Chris!

Will there be live chat for this race? I thought I heard there was for the first Pro Series race.

should be

One hour bump...

Yes, there will be chat through our YouTube channel. Just hit the following link and it should start playing once I go live. Then you can chat with others during the broadcast or whenever.

This beats NASCAR racing--you never see the drivers radioing each other to trash talk on TV!

Sorry NP--didn't have a Jaguar that quickly on hand when I took this picture, but the Predator-becomes-prey theme should be fairly evident ... dude, your big cat's gonna get eaten for dinner:

Lol...your cute!

This may be one of the greatest stock races yet. An emperor, the tin man, and a flying monkey are in the race. The tin man seems to know exactly when to shift gears. Louenn uses a crystal ball to predict the future. A green light shines out, then becomes cyan. Both colors indicate diligence and fear. Perhaps this could be signifying the first Redline Derby tournament victory of Tracksurgeon Racing. He would be featured on the Hot 64-- a rookie with surprising performance. Otherwise, another failed success for Tracksurgeon Racing.

Great racing!

All of us who watched the finals noticed that the far lane was uneven. None of the finalists had won in both lanes as well. We're asking for a rerun of the round and maybe use a finish gate that indicates the finishing times?

Update- the rematch did happen and it's all good now. Very exciting!
It was good how that worked out. Great Cadillac you've got there! If only you'd put it in as a potential prize!
There won't be any reruns, plus i don't have a timer finish

If you drew the right lane was the "kiss of death". LOL

Storyline conclusion:

Louenn had no idea that the horn lodged in his head was actually the oxidized exhaust of Master Castrol. He questioned it; he left it there after his first accident, on his head. No one in the world knew that a shabby oil company that sponsored races was their master. The scars he had were from his accidents, caused by distractions from his unrecognized fear of the Master. His magical carpets were the only things that kept him safe from the dangers. They were gone, and he was going to meet his fate; he would be eaten by the Master Castro. As the Carte Blanche was initially knawed upon by the Master, he bailed out of the car, escaping from being devoured. He limped away from his smoke-engulfed Carte Blanche with fearful eyes and scars along his body. The man had no words to say nor could he speak even if he tried; the scar upon his throat had opened up from the shards of glass that cut him, with the "teeth" of the Master. He did not turn back to see Carte Blanche succumb to its devouring. He refused to be devoured himself. The young Franco-Belgian man with a crystal eye and an exhaust pipe lodged in his head that raced white limousines every race he entered had not had his last dance.

I've seen you on Facebook--would you mind sharing this to my "Fastest of the Fastest Racing" page when you get a chance?
I'll share it
Maybe Castrol oil's NOT so shabby....
I'll be back on tomorrow to see it.

 That was awesome!!!!!! FOTF and Track-surgeon, RESPECT. I'm off to do some research to try to find a fast car that can beat you  guys......I'll be back!

Don't worry little puppy, you'll make it to the yard someday ... looks like you yipped from the porch this time! };D
Great race! See you and whatever you can come up with in the next one!

I am taking great pride in the "Flyin Monkey" beating the Castrol FTOF in a heat race! Thats a fast car! Congrats on a well deserved win. Track Surgeon congrats to you as well! Great show VERY Professional! 

Thanks! I can give a few tips for how to build or find a fast entry.
Thank you; and I might say you've got a couple good ones--but yeah, especially that V16! ANGRAH MONKAH!
Yep.....if I just could've pulled the left lane in one of those losses it might have been interesting. All in all THATS RACIN !
I might add that I do think the fastest car won and it was a great show!

Brian, great race coverage... thanks for taking the time to host a double elimination event, AND putting together the post race show!!! It takes commitment.  Leading by example here...NICE!!!!

^^^ What he said ^^^
.....ditto......over the top! Great work!
thanks, i know the track needs some work...but that's racing first off, thanks to everyone that entered and to the guys that tuned in for the live stream. Knowing people are watching makes a big difference, so thanks for that.

It's clear I need to improve my presentation process a bit so it doesn't take quite so long to do a recap. Not that I don't love spending 2 hours with you guys but I think there's some efficiencies I can make to better respect everyone's time. Thanks for tolerating the few technical issues that cropped up.

And congrats to FOTF for win. The Castrol funny lived up to it's reputation.

As for the racing itself, it was great with a few surprises along the way. Comments about the track are duly noted, I agree all the way. With a month before the next set of races, I'm going to strip my track down and see what I can do to make it better. I did my best to balance it before the racing but that's using a limited set of cars and I can only do so much...and I'll chalk some of it up to "that's racing." You can only do so much before you just gotta race. We can continue to debate the best way to determine winners for a race but lets do that in another thread.

I also think I'm going to see I can't change the hill of my track. I think it's a little too steep. I think extending it and decreasing the angle may help things a bit. This happened with my last track too so I'm not sure why I fell into the same trap again, but whatever.

I'll be packing up cars a bit this weekend and getting them out within the next week or so. If anyone needs they car back sooner, just let me know. I'll probably also be double-checking with entries to verify which cars are going into the prize pot and which ones go back home.

Live stream replay in the top post, scrub through it see your car race
Also, I'll post bracket photos tonight since the online version is unavailable
Thanks for hosting and presenting, Brian!
If possible, it would be good to have Master Castrol back in time for Tuesday's meeting, but whichever works best.
As long as you pack it well like you did with the MBX entries! Thank you for that as well.
I can try to get it in the mail tomorrow, might get there by Tuesday

Brian I just watched the live show. That was incredible. So much fun to watch. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort for this awesome spectacle. Great racing out there. The salt Flat racer did fairly well! Congrats FOTF for the win!

I was quite surprised at it's speed Cooper. Good choice!

I watched this race live. It was awesome and my first. I'm new to the scene and hoping to jump on a race soon.

Welcome to RLD!
Welcome to the club, glad you caught the show. Looking forward to seeing your cars :)

Since my usual online web site didn't work for the brackets, here are the photos of the paper brackets I used when racing. Apologies for the scratch...

Winner's bracket

Loser's bracket

Damn! Jim took out both of my cars! :)
You're welcome Carl. My only losses were to Tracksurgeon's Cadillac #1

Cars were shipped out today. I PM'ed folks with with the tracking numbers...if you didn't get one, let me know.

With exception of a couple, all packages are expected to arrive next Monday.

Coverage of the race on today's new Hot 64!

Heavyweight, lol - Nice coverage of what's going on, thanks!
And good job Josie!
Good job Josie!

The Carte Blanche and the other V-16 have returned with an official RLD sticker. Maybe those stickers can fit on small wooden plaques. The race actually made CB faster than before, beating another V-16 I used to race it against by another 1/4 centimeter. It will be raced at C4's Run Whatcha Brung in May 7.

Extra Story Ending:

Carte Blanche returned to the TSR garage with a crushed roof, blown suspensions, and mangled bodywork from being nearly torn to pieces by the Master Castrol. The engine wasn't too bad; only the radiator had to be replaced since it was chewed up. The crew eventually got the car up and running in a few days and its "carpets" were reinstalled with new connectors.

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