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Desert_Rat_Diecast Saturday, 3/9/2024

 For those who collect cars- Mail in Time has started, Check around as target, Walmart, Grocery Stores & Dollar General participate in.

Went into DG today to check out HotWheels and found the Mail in Free car wing stacks going out to the floor... This starts Sunday March 10th 2024 thru April 20th 2024 to get the Nissan Silva.. 

I know Hotwheels Redline site should have pics of the cars available with other stores as they all have thier own.. I missed it last year but im on it this year.. 

Just so happens that I got some cool cars and some other things friends are after.. (Barbie Corvette) Ughhh.. Cant find in any store around until today to go with her Ken Jeep I found at WM last week.. LOL (No one likes Ken!!!)

Picked up 

Mustang Boss, Honda Civic, Ford Escort for project cars,,,

Collection - TH Bus, Legends, Star Trek & VW Bus/Truck - Had a Real Life 59 bus cut like a pick up like this one & a 63 VW Bus when I was 15 my step dad bought and handed the keys when I bought them from him - Wishing I still had those 2 ... 

Just wanted to pass it along for those looking for thier collections... 



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StarCorps 3/9/24

Can you get a more detailed picture of the QR code please? That will let those of us who don't find this standee to participate! 

  • I will head down today after Church and get a Shot of it and post it here.. — Desert_Rat_Diecast
  • So went to the store today and the wing stacks were emptied out and tossed. I will go to another store tomorrow after work and get the pic.. — Desert_Rat_Diecast
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StarCorps 3/10/24

No stress! 

Sweet, thanks for posting!

Buddy sent this last night..

I will type out the info as you need to send the card no blister and or the 5 pack holder no plastic with original receipt no copies.. plus $7.00 for shipping money order or cashier check... to this address


P.O. BOX 1229


This will send you to the Mattels Collection page ... I tried it and it scanned ok

  • So, I bought $20+ in Hot Wheels, so now I have to open them, then send the Hot Wheels card to that address, plus the $14, no recipt, before the 20th? — LottaSpeedRacing
  • Or can I just send the recipt and the $14? — LottaSpeedRacing
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