I think I have a problem...

Jobe Tuesday, 6/22/2010

...with buying too many cars! Is that really a problem though?

This weekend I picked up some cars to scavenge wheels off of, then I bought some more FTE's and other cars I thought were interesting...I"m a sucker. Bought 14 cars this weekend I think.

Here is a pick of the second batch, found alot of FTE cars

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

THe corvette Grand Sport FTE is proven very fast!
Vega FTE
Cool tudor hot rod
Nerve Hammer...it has translucent yellow wheels!
81 Delorean in gold!

Also got a Caddy CTS, volkwagen Thing, TR6, 70 Cuda aar, Shelby gt-500, 2 corvette FTE's and a GTO Fte


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redlinederby 6/22/10
Site manager

That Heat Fleet looks promising. I can vouch for the non-translucent version of Nerve Hammer to be speedy.

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David 6/22/10

Some very nice finds.

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Bandeezee 6/22/10

yeah, unfortunately, my wife limits my Hot Wheels pickings, lol. Sometimes I am allowed to get a good amount, sometimes I left with one or none. Recently picked up a 1967 black camaro with green stripes and white flames. It looks sweet and if it has a good run, pretty darn fast.
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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Jobe 6/22/10

sweet camaro...all I find here at the red firebirds with black wheels and white line tires...

The problem is the cars are so cheap!

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JDC442 6/22/10

Hot Wheels are GOOD!!! Embrace the addiction!!!

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slash288 7/15/10

man i love the camaro...

I too think im starting to get "the problem"

I started ebaying for the C6-R cars, and found 3 different ones so I bought them, but had to buy 2 so that I could give one of each to my father-in-law. We both love the C6-R's and watch the leman's races. Also know one of the drivers of the #3, Johnny O'Connell. Gonna try to get him to sign them.

But I started looking at them and saying man I wonder what they would do on the track.......Had to buy another set of them. and found a sale that was a regular and a super already opened and bought them....

problem I have

But if anyone finds the yellow and black C6-R PLEASE let me know, haha....cant find it anywhere and only seen a picutre of them so far.

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Bandeezee 7/15/10

Yeah, it does look sweet. Unfortunately, that didn't help it win the race. It lost to my 1999 black Ferrari F40. Then my F40 lost in the final to a Twin Mill III The left lane seemed to win every time, but that Twin Mill III was still smoking fast. I've seen those raced before though and haven't seen them that fast. Oh well, another race coming up Saturday.

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markkaz 7/15/10

Of the models that you showed, the only one that I won't buy is the
Midnight Otto. I have enough samples of that model already and I
don't want to have too many extra open-wheelers because I can't
use them for my booster tables.

I haven't found the Camaro yet but I have more than enough pieces
in the collection to have a representation for the pile.

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Jobe 7/15/10

Well this week so far I've only bought 4 cars!

3 Mystery cars (I use them for prizes at my races) and a 2010 Scion Xb Race World Earth...mainly because the body is translucent green...

But the week isn't over yet!

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slash288 7/19/10

I found that camaro finally, but it was in one of the 10 packs and I did not like any of the other cars in the pack. bummer.

my wife is going to go nuts when she sees the CC bill this month though, haha, I bought 20 cars in the last 2 days, Plus I have been buying up all the C6-R's on ebay

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JDC442 7/20/10

I like the C6-R, hot looking ride.
Have you seen the Treasure Hunt? I'd like to score that one!
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

This yellow on black is pretty sweet too. Looks like an FTE, but am not sure.
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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slash288 7/25/10

I think i have ever variation of the C6-R's now.

I have 2 in package Treasure hunts.
2 out of package Treasure hunts, one super and one regular. Both are having the dreaded wheel issues where they are catching on the wheel wheels and are useless for racing. I will have to take em apart and fix them i guess.

I have the Speed Machines Yellow and Red 2 of each. the yellow one is awesome, its the one I wanted in the first place. Has the skull painted on it like the real one.

I also have the yellow one from above and a blue and gray variation of it. and the yellow and red are FTE's.

I want to get one more Yellow Speed machine so I can take it out of the package.

I basically got a set for me and a set for my father-in-law, and a few extra so I could race them.

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