Im Back and Questions from me

Esih_Racing Monday, 4/29/2024

Hey Guys, Esih here
Recently i've been off for a while for some school issues and financial issues. I just want to know that i'll be notify the next tournament within 3-5 weeks, And because for some financial issues that registration fee is going up by 1 dollar, And if you ask me why and my friends didnt enter your tournaments because of money issues, each shipping it cost 250.000 - 700.000 IDR and thats expensive. And there are many kids are joining our events (ex: School fair racing day, Holiday race in the park, etc)

My Questions :
How to ship our cars to you guys with cheap shipping fee ?
How we can make you guys to join our tournaments?
Do you guys agree with online tournaments ? (Pick from our stock HW Cars and race)


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Numbskull 4/29/24

International shipping is just expensive.  And not very fast.

  • Shipping is the issue I'm sure. Many people on here enter many races but International shipping.....ugggh. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • that what im afraid of — Esih_Racing
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