I’m building a track 250 foot long and need guidance on how to make it conform to standards

Hillbillyrick1234 Saturday, 2/26/2022


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CrazyEights 2/26/22


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Deedose 2/26/22

I don't think there's any regulations on how to build your track , it just needs to be terminable by the cars . Just do whatever you want .

Liked racing do

mivh I went for a ride myself on one of my tacos 


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redlinederby 2/26/22
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Holy smoke! That is a track of epic proportions! Welcome to Redline Derby, Rick. Your experience and efforts in making that track will be much appreciated around these parts.

But as far as standards...yeah...there really aren't any. Build what you want, as you want, and then share it. If you start to go down the path of hosting mail-in type races, then it's really just about showing off how your track works and what people can expect from it. And from the looks of things, they can expect a true gauntlet of speed.

I know I would love to see more photos of your track from various sides and angles, and all the infrastructure and techniques you used to support it. 

You mentioned in your other post that you do stuff with St Jude's and I assume that means racing on that awesome track. But that track doesn't look trivial to transport, so even learning how you've considered that in your construction is certainly of interest.

But whatever you feel like sharing is welcomed and encouraged around here. Again, welcome to the club and if you need anything or have any specific questions, just post and ask or send a message.

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