It's a grab bag! Sifting through race history

redlinederby Friday, 3/17/2023
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Forums are notorious for being full of great information but a lot of it being buried, and the RLD forum isn't any different. I've tried my best to categorize and tag posts so you can at least browse through a specific topic, but even then some things just get lost. Hey...there's almost 13 years worth of stuff here!

Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed the new Grab Bag in the quick link menu on the home page. I added that as a way to make browsing through history a little more fun and interesting.

Try the Grab Bag!

The archive Grab Bag pulls a dozen random posts from the forum all the way back to 2010 or so. Back then things were very different. The hobby was new-ish, we were all racing in straight lines, and our fantasy league was hoppin', so you'll find a lot of posts that are not relevant anymore but you'll also certainly find some gems that will still be useful today.

It's like panning for gold. Every now and then you'll find something valuable but most of it might just be rocks. However, some of those plain old rocks could be very interesting to check out.

I've been hitting the Grab Bag myself just as a fun little RLD time machine to see how far we've come as a community and as a hobby. You forget a lot of moments when you're hustlin' around trying to make things happen so it's nice to see a lot of it was documented and remember back to what and why I was going on at Redline Derby...and the cast of characters is also great to see and remember.

Anyway, try the Grab Bag if you're bored and interested in see a bit of RLD's past and present. I promise you'll find some great reads and insightful gems.


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EnZedRacing 3/17/23

Tried it and the first topic, top of the list....BUSTED BY THE WIFE....from 2014! 

What a bloody good idea doing this,  if anything it's worth a laugh :)

  • Ha! Yeah, I've found some old threads like that too. Good stuff and a fun walk down memory lane to boot. — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 3/18/23

very cool idea,

I would also like if people did updates, like widowmaker was cool, still runnin'?

followup on the bearing experiments woulld be interesting, too

lots of subject, so little

thanks redline!

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