It's Fair Season

dr_dodge Thursday, 8/31/2023

How many of you remember going to the state/county fairs, and watching the hell drivers stunt shows?

Every year as kids dad would take us to the Erie Co Fair, and watch Jack Kochmans Hell drivers.

very fond memories of flying mopars

I am contemplating how to do that as a race/production

2 wheel driving, 1/2 dozen ramps of different styles

some fire stunts.  


How would you score it?

some pics to stir ya



Lived in Oswego... going to the county and state fairs was like a religious trek for us! Your track idea sounds fun!

  • yea, very cool stuff, I used to do an on site in Johnstown, NY, always scheduled it so I could watch racing at Fonda — dr_dodge
  • Wow, small world. I spent my first 20 years on earth in Johnstown. — LobotomyScam
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redlinederby 8/31/23
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The Ohio State Fair just ended but sadly they don't do any daring feats anymore. My dad used to take me to the tractor pulls when I was little and that was awesome. It was the usual tractor pull stuff but then they also had those super jet fire dragster things that would just be loud and blow flames...but that's never not cool. 

I've had ideas on how to do a Hot Wheels tractor pull but never taken the time to figure out the engineering or if it would even be fun at a small scale. Dreams for the future, I guess...

Scoring your idea with jumps and things might not be too bad as long as you could tie it to concrete indicators like distance or time or upright-ness of a car. But it might also just be fun to do completely random scoring and winning. As long as folks get to see cars do all the tricks and stuff, it really doesn't matter who wins so you could do it like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and just hand out points based on what you personally guy gets a million points and the next gets eight points, just have fun and entertain, just like the Hell Drivers.

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SpyDude 8/31/23

Hell Drivers? Hell yes!

So I was thinking about this while I was at work today. There’s a few channels out there that have stunt-style tracks (Ghostjerker had a giant loop, I believe). I know I’ve seen the barrel roll stunt done in 1:64 scale, and it actually turned out pretty well once the ramps were correctly adjusted.

It may be possible to do a full-on stunt track with various jumps, rolls, and even a loop if so inclined. Several tracks in the directory are built that way just for fun, and fun is what it’s all about, right? Do it as a checkpoint-style race, where competitors get points for passing checkpoints. At that point, who cares if they make it to the bottom - let’s just see some stunts!

The Skyway loop is just mind blowing to watch during racing action. And for other stunt inspiration, check out Thunderhead Raceway in the Speed Racer movie: drifting, loops, spins, jumps, all sorts of crazy high-gear stuff.

This is where Stuntman Sam came from. It was more of a stunt show than race/competing for points. Sam was precision. his brother Max Havoc was more carnage.

Here's a playlist of them doing their thing - includes fire and helicopters!

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