Johnny Lightning Clue Escalade

RobertBcfc Monday, 10/19/2020

Hi everyone, been a while since I posted, hope this finds you all safe and well.

In 2004 JL brought out the Clue series which includes the famously fast Escalade.

But.... is the Clue series the one that has the VERY fast Escalade or is it an homage to an earlier series?  

Before I jump in I wanted to double check I'm not picking up the wrong car, and my JL knowledge is pretty limited.

Thanks all,



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redlinederby 10/19/20
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This the beast you're talking about?

Found it on the Diecast Racer's Top 100's in the Top 10 so I'm guessing that Clue version is the real deal. I know the JL Camaro is always one that's talked about, and I've seen the Spider-Man van dominate in person on my track, but dunno about the other JLs.

  • That’s the one! Thanks for sharing, and thanks also for the link to Diecastracers page - fantastic resource and really informative. Will be a regular stopping point for sure — RobertBcfc
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SpyDude 12/4/20

Well, I guess I chose the right car for my mail-in tournament.  I just sent one of these out to the December Redline event.

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CrazyEights 12/4/20

Watch Bobby D's Lakeside Raceway. He's a Johnny Lightning enthusiast. He was running a different Escalade but I'm sure he can help you out. He's on YouTube.

  • Thanks Mike, I managed to grab one, along with 3 other Clue cars (Miss Scarlet, Mrs White and Mr Green) - they all look great and I can tell by the feel they’re gonna be great to run — RobertBcfc
  • I forgot that Races and Fun just did a king of the track 5 pack where the Clue cars ruled. the escalade didn't win. it was one of the cars that won. — CrazyEights
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Uncle_Elvis 12/4/20

Watching the Races And Fun event on YouTube, you should be after the Mr. Green Mercury not the Escalade.

Sidenote, it is hard to graphite the wheels on those things. 

  • Considering I got the Escalade in a junk bag at a thrift store, I think I did pretty well ... :p. And yeah, didn’t even bother lubing it, seemed to run well enough without, so I was like, @Why mess up a good thing?” — SpyDude
  • Oh, well, hard to beat that price. Good deal — Uncle_Elvis
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