Johnny Lightning PM faster then Hot Wheels??

Rusty Sunday, 9/23/2018

Hey guys just wanted to get some opinions here.A buddy traded me some 5 packs of the older all metal playing mantis Johnny Lightning cars.I've ran them against my fastest Hot Wheels and they are faster,some alot faster.Have any of you racers noticed this?

Now I'm a Hot wheels guy,grew up with them,but these are fast and just look cool.


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ConceptTA 9/25/18

Yep, those all metal Playing Mantis Johnny Lightnings are much faster than most Hot Wheels, including FTE's. I especially like the Spoilers series, but other all metal, plastic wheeled cars are fast as well. That chrome #7 Mustang in your pic is my current fastest. I have two of them and they are both equally fast.

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Rusty 9/25/18

Yep,it is my second fastest with the#5 the fastest..

Cool Rides too..

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