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Just Say No to Tampos - Results Posted

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Dadvball 2/8/21

I'm in please!

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SpyDude 2/8/21

. o O (I wonder how many people are going to be running #Free3D decals on their cars ....?)

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Coopdevil 2/20/21

Count me in too please. Owen Cooper, Playworn Racing, UK. 

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Coopdevil 2/22/21

Got a stock casting ready, my first attempt to put graphite on the axles so will probably all fall off during the Atlantic crossing lol. Will be in mail next time I find myself near a post office.

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dribblybob 2/24/21

Sign me up! #17

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SpyDude 2/27/21

Slightly off topic, but I just found a post over on Facebook about how to clean all those pesky tampos off your car without damaging the paint: 

Dry erase pens! No kidding!

  • Yep! Dry erase pens work too. Some use Goof Off too. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • I have tested this method on the '65 Galaxie with the green wheels and flames, and I can confirm that it works without damaging the paint. Scrub on, wipe off.... it was really that simple. — SpyDude

If it's still open can i request number 24 please?

  • You got it! And this race will be open until all the slots fill up. — Kaiju_Colorado
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Spirit_Of_64 2/28/21

Is Sharpie graphics/detailing okay?  Here's an example(I call it 'Silver Bullitt') with an unmodified counterpart:

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WallyChamp73 2/28/21

Hi,   Can I have #21?

Dalevis Jenkins, Jr is in with Commotion Diecast!

Please add me to the list



Count me in!!!! 

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