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Knobby Ridge Dragway Turkey Run

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Count us in for 2

Looks like I have plans for tomorrow. Count me in for 2!

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StrayDog 9/22/23

I'll be in for one if you still got room

I'm in but 

Can I send you Indonesian money ?

  • Need to covert it before you send in your entry and enough to cover return shipping also — Victorfastlane

The '57 Chevy and '57 T-Bird are almost ready to go! Wheels just need to be sanded down and given a little dry lube!

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dsc164 10/22/23

Is there still room for two customs?

  • Yes sure — Victorfastlane
  • count me in for two customs — dsc164
  • About to fill out the slip and noticed the retail axle and wheel. I don't have anything to send. Count me out. — dsc164
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CraigsterSr 10/23/23

It looks like 'The Gang is All Here'!!! I'll send two if you have the room... One for each class, stock & mod...

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AJ_Grey 10/24/23

Can I send in 2 for stock?

Should be in the mail soon.

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Marco_Polo 10/30/23

If there's room for one more Polo Racing is in for this one!!!

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Fat_Dad 10/31/23

Space for two more? 2x 1959 Cadillac - one stock one modified. 

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