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Knobby Ridge Dragway Turkey Run

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Fat_Dad 11/1/23

This is a test. Please ignore. Nothing to see here. Thanks.

I'm in for 1 stock. Will send it out tomorrow 11-7-23

Car sent. SteelCity Mafia Racing. Driver is Wampdawg. 

I'm very sorry, but time got away from me and I will not be able to compete in this event.  Thank you!

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StrayDog 11/15/23

My first finished car, on the way!

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Kingjester 11/15/23

Also I'm gonna have to pull out of this event, had the car ready but just didn't have the time to send it out. But good luck to everyone else who is participating 

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Numbskull 11/20/23

On the way.

Got my Fury back today. Thanks for the goodies. I appreciate it. 

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