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Knobby Ridge Dragway Turkey Run

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I'm in for 2 entries 

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MWAI_Racing 8/15/23

MWAI racing would like to get in on this

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Bolo_Brown 8/15/23

Count me in for 2 my friend. I need a practice making cars for the drag strip.

Got room for 2 more?


In for 2.

In for one, please.

Just wanted to clarify. '50 to '59 model year and not when the car was cast. 

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FredD 9/1/23

I'd like to enter...


F'D Racing

I'll try and find 2 stock to send in. 

Sounds like a good race. I would like to send 1 car if you still have room.  Thanks.

407DiecastKings are in and on the way



number -407

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FredD 9/10/23

Is it ok to provide prepaid return shipping with my entry? Is it easier? Do folks normally accept that and are ok with it?



F'D Racing

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