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Knobby Ridge Dragway Turkey Run

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I'm in for 2 entries 

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MWAI_Racing 8/15/23

MWAI racing would like to get in on this

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Bolo_Brown 8/15/23

Count me in for 2 my friend. I need a practice making cars for the drag strip.

Got room for 2 more?


In for 2.

In for one, please.

Just wanted to clarify. '50 to '59 model year and not when the car was cast. 

I'd like to enter...


F'D Racing

I'll try and find 2 stock to send in. 

Sounds like a good race. I would like to send 1 car if you still have room.  Thanks.

407DiecastKings are in and on the way



number -407

Is it ok to provide prepaid return shipping with my entry? Is it easier? Do folks normally accept that and are ok with it?



F'D Racing

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