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Knobby Ridge Speedway Super Late model

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RLoRacing 12/27/23

I'm in 

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BlueLineRacing 12/27/23

Will this be the same hill height and track length as the 50s cars ran on? I want to make sure I don't use skinny wheels if it is

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dr_dodge 12/28/23

I have one!

the dr would like to enter please


Count me in please 

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Fat_Dad 1/2/24

In for 2 if room

Dutch Clutch Racing requests 1 spot...?

Is it too late for New Jersey Drive Racing to submit an entry?

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Sneaky_Bob 1/6/24

Sneaky Bob would like a spot.
Vapor Diecast Racing

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Flipper 1/7/24

I would like to enter this event. 1 Leeway 

In for 2

Sorry gotta bail on this one.  I'm up in Canada and it's getting really tough to pick up castings. Only a basic, limited variety of mainline (if that). I've even hit 2 Hot Wheel events, no luck. 

  • No problem maybe next time thanks for letting me know sorry I picked a hard one they will be more races soon thanks again — Victorfastlane

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